Saturday, December 31, 2011

Err (=_=)" A so called new year entry~~

Okay tomorrow is 01012012. So what's the big deal? Most people love to make new year resolution every year but honestly do you guys really try to achieve it? Maybe in the early 6 months but later it will be forgotten and then you only realize it when another "new year" comes. Pathetic noobs..
I know some might really into their own resolution and already achieve it. Congratulation to you! It proves that you're committed and a man of his word (or u can change it to woman..its an idioms anyway). Well you might starts another resolution and achieve it by the end of 2012 (^-^).
Some says 2012 will be the end of the world. what you guys are going to do? Just ignore it? Partying hard? Build your own spacecraft? As a Muslim, I believe in the end of the world or Qiamat. It will comes sooner or later so we need to prepare for it. Same like death, it will comes to you whether you're willing or not. So what can we do? If I says repent, some might think they need to locked themselves inside mosque and reads Al-Quran 24/7 non-stop. No, it is not like that. Try to improve yourselves and be a better Muslim than before. Well you can put it as your new year resolution if you want to. There is never too late until day of Judgement approach. 
Okay initially I just want to post about what so ever new year thingy but accidentally being strayed off. Silly me. I REALLY HATES MALAYSIA'S STYLE OF CELEBRATING NEW YEAR (whoops everything in caps lock just portrayed how much I hates it). I think there is no need of stupid event such as new year count down in some places mostly in the main city which leads to bad traffic! What is the significant of fireworks in KLCC or count down in CROWD?!! Better we just stay at home and reflecting what we've done in past few months or just have a nice talk with our family in couch. What the heck is actually our government try to convey to us when every time in new year there'll be useless events where lots of entertainers gather and where teenagers are freely make out in open space? Yeah2 there'll be some officers from JAKIM whom will try to monitor and prevent any act of zina but just how many peoples they can advice and stop? There are many places in KL or in other big city that will be a spot where count down took place so it is really hard to monitor. 
Actually in KL, different races have different favorite count down spots. Chinese prefer to do new year count down in Pavilion and Sungai Wang Plaza. Malay and Indian prefer KLCC or Dataran Merdeka (where most event will took place). Emigrant are all over the places~~~~
I think there are plenty of beneficial things that our government can do with the money that they'll spent on new year celebration events such as help the poor, give allowance to students and etc.
To those who have any intention to go out and celebrate new year, I think you better cancel it as I think it just wasting your fuel as you'll stuck in traffic jam and the worst is you'll end up sick because in crowd, viruses and bacteria are everywhere.

1 down 3 more to go

Yeah I answered RM paper this morning and guess what? I don't care anymore! Hahaha rebellious me activated! The questions are quite difficult and some term I didn't even know it existence till today..weirdo~~
Anyway past is past so what can we do about it right? Just wait and see~~
I got three more papers huhu~~need to worry more about that coz most of it required reading and deep understanding.
So guys wish me luck (^-^)

p/s: don't care anymore about those -ve feeling coz just wasting my time.
bought it today :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Someone that might be you

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Emosi aku dah mula x stabil skang. Aku sangat sakit hati. Ye teramat sakit. Terasa macam dah x mau dengar cakap siapa2 pun. Because at the end of the day I'm the one who going to take that blame. Kepada sesiapa yang aku layan x brape nak baik beberapa hari ni, aku minta maaf. Maaf kerana aku dah x boleh nak jadi hipokrit lagi dengan tayang muka senyum padahal hati dah berkecai.
to those who may concerned:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tired + Fruits Feast

Today I started my day by donating my blood for my friend, Farhah's FYP. She only 15ml from 50 persons so me and my friends volunteered to donate our blood. She needs 17 persons more for your information. After that, my lab buddies, Ain, Aina and Su, ate our breakfast in front of KOM's fish pool.
Later, we went straight to KOS as we need to observe our fungi at 12pm and 1.15pm. Just because we arrived early, we took our sweet time in KOS's musolla. At 11.50am, we entered our lab since our friend aka the other lab buddy, Faisal is waiting for us. At 12, we observed our fungi and jotted down the zone of inhibition. For Candida albican and tropicalis, only methanol sample give out zone of inhibition huhu...
After observing at 1.15pm fungi, we autoclave all petry dishes that have been used for this experiment. While waiting for autoclaving, we prayed and rest at musolla. We managed to get some sleep there. 2 hours later, we clean autoclaved petry dishes and dried it up. We stored it and went to KOP to meet our SV, Dr Taher. He asked us to submit our logbook before final exam so we went to KOP to show and submit it. However, we end up by not submitting our logbook as Dr Taher actually just want us to show him our progress. He said  he knew if he didn't said he want us to submit by final, we never done our logbook. Okay I guess he's right because my logbook only exist since last few days hehe...
on our way to KOP..don't like the scenery :(
After that,me, Ain, Aina, Wani and Ina went to Taman Pertanian. Yeah I managed to contact the person in-charge (Pakcik Rudy) and he asked us to come before 5pm. When we arrived, I contacted him again, Pakcik Rudy brought our fruits and asked us to settled the payment inside the office. After that, we ate our fruits at a bench in Taman Pertanian and finished it there. We are really satisfied with the fruits.
Most probably we are going to go and buy fruits again on Thursday. So guys wanna join us? hehe (^-^)

Back to Kuantan

Yeah I'm in Kuantan and Jed decided to went back early. Arrived in Kuantan at 2.15pm and thanks to Yan because she came and fetched us.
After lunch with Ain (she's willing to wait because I brought gulai tempoyak ikan patin), we planned to go to Taman Pertanian as Alia Aina told Ain that we can buy fruits in cheaper prices.
We went to Taman Pertanian later in the evening. Unfortunately, there is nobody is around so we decided to went back to our campus. On the way back to campus, we saw a fruit stall so we stopped and bought some fruits. Well at least we brought back something..
Funny thing happened when me & Ain were eating our durians. Ain was really satisfied and finished hers first. However, I just eat slowly as I told Ain that I want to devour the taste. Ain asked me to give her some so I just give it. As soon as the durian enters her mouth, "Bitter!" she screamed. I just laughed and told her that's the reason why I eat slowly. Well I have no problem in eating bitter thing so I just can let it slide. At last, I'm the one who need to finish her portion. I also left some for my friend, Wani hehehehe..she came after Isyak to study with me. What makes me laugh is, she eat it quietly and only told me it is bitter when I asked her is not like I tried to pull a prank here..just I thought she wanted to eat some and maybe she likes bitter durian just like me..(okay maybe just a little)..
Tomorrow, InsyaAllah will help Farha by donating few ml of my blood along with Ain, Aina and Su. She needs it for FYP purpose, so we just help her. Okay gotta go..gonna update soon..bubbye (^-^)
p/s: look at my son, Aqlan's smirking~~
his shocked face
naughty fella~
hahaha gonna miss him sooooo much!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ayu's wedding (20 photos)

Hi guys! I just came back from my second cousin, Ayu, wedding in Ampang Pecah, KKB. I met lots of relatives there and some of them I didn't even know their existences (sorry). I think they're also the same because they looked really shocked when my mom told them who I am. Never mind next time I'll make sure I remember them. Funny thing is, both of my second cousins choosed red and white as their wedding's theme. Haha seem that combination is in the trend now. So my wedding? Red and black? Hahaahaha just kidding. Somebody might thought they're in wrong place or Gothic party if I chooses that theme huhu. Met my Jimbo there..huhu of course because we're family. He lost his flip flop so he can't go out to eat with other guests. Poor Jimbo..kinda stick to him because I'm quite lost there know I'm feeling weird when the place is too crowd and I'm almost attacked by migraine so I just stick with somebody I knew.
Oh other thing is, I played with one of my relative's baby. He's so cute! His name is Irfan and he's not afraid with other people so it is easy to take care of him. He's so cute (okay I mentioned it twice). I hold him and played with him till my hand is covered with his saliva..huhu never mind, it's a baby so I'm cool with it.
Okay now let see the pictures :)

Nadirah with Irfan

me with Irfan

Pak Ngah joking haha

my second cousin, Amir


me peace hoho

me and jimbo

cutie, Irfan

my Koh Saerah & Wan Anjang
The bride's family
 Ayu looks so cute in those white dress...oh she's the third child from eight siblings..big family right? She's the first one to get married so I wish her all the best and be happy. (^-^)
p/s: my father and my Pak Long dominating karaoke box so they kept singing till I asked Jimbo "Please kidnap my father" hahahhaa...

And again, I'm at home

Arrived yesterday and had a dinner with my parents and youngest sister, Lisa at one of my father friend's restaurant. Chatting with my parents while watching football. After finished our meals. we went back home. Bathe and prayed. Watching television with my family. Later, my sisters returned from company dinner with their friends. I'm quite awkward with them because I don't really know them but try to be nice since they're our guests. After they went back home, I entered my room and read some comics. Yeah I missed my comics so dearly. Sleep with Lisa. She's complaining later in the morning because of my bad sleeping habit..huhu.
Wake up late today. Seems like I'm paying my few days "sleep debt". Helped my parents in the kitchen and starts nagging to my elder sister and youngest sister since Nadirah and Wani went to my grandma's so only these two creatures left. Lunch with my family and watching some old Chinese movie without any feeling.
In the evening, my parents and Lisa went to my second cousin akad. I didn't follow them though. Need to finished some of my works. After Maghrib, I'm doing some house chores and starts updating my FYP's logbook right after Isyak. Starts stalking on Facebook when I'm getting tired with my logbook's thingy. Alhamdulillah, finished updating my logbook and starts blogwalking.
Oh yesterday actually something happened to me and Jed. We asked the driver (we took bus) to drop us near Masjid Ar-Rahmah, Greenwood but he refused to do so as he said he'll get traffic summons if he drop us there so I asked him to stop anywhere that he can drop us. As a result, he drop us at another bus stop 1km from our requested place. Me and Jed, walked together through the night. Since I don't know how to tell my father our location so we walk. The only pedestrian that we met is a man whose walking without shoe. There are also scary moments, the first one is when we walked and in front of us, 4 motorcyclists are taking their own sweet time..but later, when we walked passed them, they start their motorcycles and ride neared to us. Alhamdulillah nothing happened as they just passes through us. We are really afraid because it's night and we are the only pedestrian. The second is, still motorcyclist (why motorcyclist picking on us?). Two Indian men, stop their motorcycle and look at us. I started to pray to Allah because they really look suspicious. But again, alhamdulillah nothing happen. I told Jed " Jed, if we compile our stories, I think it can be in 2 books" and Jed replied "No, I think it will be more" hahaha. Yeah we went through lot of things together. My parents are already waiting for us in front of Masjid Ar-Rahmah when we got there.
Hmm InsyaAllah, I'll go back to Kuantan on Monday. Okay gotta go. Bubbye..

Friday, December 23, 2011

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away

I love this song. Yeah a statement that explained everything. The music video is quite okay and sad..huhu okay guys let see the video.

"The One That Got Away"

Summer after high school when we first met
We make out in your Mustang to Radiohead
And on my 18th Birthday
We got matching tattoos

Used to steal your parents' liquor
And climb to the roof
Talk about our future
Like we had a clue
Never planned that one day
I'd be losing you

In another life
I would be your girl
We'd keep all our promises
Be us against the world

In another life
I would make you stay
So I don't have to say
You were the one that got away
The one that got away

I was June and you were my Johnny Cash
Never one without the other we made a pact
Sometimes when I miss you
I put those records on

Someone said you had your tattoo removed
Saw you downtown singing the Blues
It's time to face the music
I'm no longer your muse

But in another life
I would be your girl
We'd keep all our promises
Be us against the world

In another life
I would make you stay
So I don't have to say
You were the one that got away
The one that got away
The o-o-o-o-o-one [x3]
The one that got away

All this money can't buy me a time machine (Nooooo)
It can't replace you with a million rings (Nooooo)
I shoulda told you what you meant to me (Woooooow)
'Cause now I paid the price

In another life
I would be your girl
We'd keep all our promises
Be us against the world

In another life
I would make you stay
So I don't have to say
You were the one that got away
The one that got away
The o-o-o-o-o-one [x3]

In another life
I would make you stay
So I don't have to say
You were the one that got away
The one that got away
Sam Tsui cover

Chester See cover ft Tiffany

Examination week is approaching!

Okay today we had last Environmental Toxicology's class. Gotta says it clears up my confusion, thanks to Miss Afiza. Yesterday, we also finished Environmental Microbiology's class with my beloved Prof Othman. Yeah gonna missed him (TT^TT).
So finishing class is also indicating that final examination is just around the corner. Yeah need to study a lot since all subjects will covers all topics from the beginning till end. Hope that I will not slack off.
InsyaAllah I'm going back to Rawang aka California this evening. Seems like I can attend my second cousin wedding! I hope it will be great. Honestly, I still not pack my things....and at the end of the day I'm gonna left something behind I think.
Okay that's all for now..bye yeom (^-^)

Thirstday Labster as Last Customers

ANW (Ain, Nasrin, Wani)
Quite funny title i put up there. Okay I'm having quite tiring day today. Back from lab at 6.40pm, I can saw my friends tired faces as we walked through the rain. Exhausted and hungry. Made it to my precious room. Bathe and prayed. After Isyak, the overwhelming hunger is completely knocked me down. Ain asked me whether I want to eat out. Well a scrumptious invitation since she mentioned JJ Kimbab. Okay we're quite craving for beef rice so JJ Kimbab is the only place that I knew which have a fantastic-oh-so-tasty beef rice so I agree.
Went out with Ain and Wani. My ANW gang is back in town, baby! Actually we just went out together last Tuesday but it's kinda okay because before this we never really had a chance to hang out together as Wani not in same year with us. Well, she's got some problem back then which caused her took 1 year break. So three of us head to JJ Kimbab which located in Jalan Berserah. Me and Ain as usual ordered beef rice and chicken rice for Wani. I love side dishes so I took a set ,while Ain and Wani ala carte. Since we arrived quite late, 9.30pm..we end up to be the last customers they served for the day. Oh guess what? The owner recognize me as I always come and eat there with my friends, be it Rubiah, Azra or Ain who took me there...yeah I don't posses any transport or licence. The owner even give me double chop on JJ Kimbab business card which she said if I collect 5 chops then I can get a free drink..huhu cool...well that's business strategy. Oh yeah if you guys are happened to be in Kuantan on 24 and 25 December and wanted to visit JJ Kimbab, you're encouraged to wear any red attire as they'll give out 10% discount and will take a picture for you. (They really need to pay me for this kind of advertisement...teehee just kidding!)
Actually, there are solat jemaah and hajat with reciting yasin and zikr events occur at new mosque but I just can't make it. Quite disappointed actually. I knew some might labelled me as anti-social or anything but I'm not. Told in the earlier part of this post, I knew about that event, late this evening as I'm waiting for autoclave to be done. Since we finished late and we're exhausted so we can't make it. Well some might think this is an excuse instead of reason and wondered why I need to explained myself? Hmm let Mr Brain do it works will you?
Okay I think I need to help others will update later..bye yeom!
p/s: Rubiah quite pull out some stunt in EnviMicrobe class today..yeah playing her laptop with her toes instead of finger..
Rubiah's laptop on floor
and when she's caught..

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mimi's wedding

My elder sister posted some of my second cousin's wedding picture so guys lets have a look (^-^)
Okay the theme is red and white. For your information, almost whole thing were designed by my uncle, Pak Teh.

the groom & bride

my sisters with my mom

Well the bride really looks cute right? (^-^)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This is the main topic of last evening sharing moment with Ustaz Razak. Confusing but yet open up my mind. I love Ustaz Razak's lecture/talk because he's really amusing. Yeah he knows how to grab audiences attention with his accent and points. I paid attention but sometimes I dozed off..huhu it's raining + cold weather put some weight on my lashes I guess hahaha not related at all. The thing is ethic is somehow subjective and for me it is more on your intention on doing anything..yeah but still need to be rationalize by Mr Brain. But there is one thing that I can't agree. It is about what if your subject has a transmittable disease and he's getting married? Will you tell his partner about his sickness? Many of us answered yes but I'm not. Let me tell you why. Okay yeah some might say it is our responsibility to tell his partner regarding his disease but we cannot neglect the subject's feeling. Imagine you tell his partner and she called off the wedding. The subject must be depressed and feels betrayed. In worse case scenario, his partner might tell on others about him, thus embarrassed him. The subject is already depressed with the called off wedding, and now he need to suffer from public accusation? That is totally unacceptable. So what can we do? We can't let it slide and let the disease being transmitted to others but at the same time, we need to consider subject's feeling. Okay this is something that I can suggest. First consult with the subject regarding this matter. Tell him what might happen if he's still want to get married and what will happen to his spouse and children if he continue doing it. If he can't make any decision, asked his permission to bring along his partner so she can have a clear view about subject. Asked her to sign an agreement so she will not tell anybody about subject if she wants to called off the wedding. Yeah might be trivial but I think only this the subject's right will be protected.
Okay need to stop if you happen to have any opinion regarding this matter, please share with me because I would love to see on others angle as well. (^-^)


This morning, I went to KOS as I had RM class and today we had a sharing moment with one of young scientist. The title is quite difficult so I can't remember it but it is actually about factor that cause William's disease (correct me if I'm wrong). The interesting part of his lecture for me is Q & A session. One of my classmate asked him questions regarding his experiment results on how to identify good or bad result, how can we contribute (I shorten his text hehe) and what is his experiment control. Well the answer that I love most is what we're doing today might be a piece of puzzle that can complete another one thing and can help others.
Puzzle or maze are the things I likes to play with since I was young. I used to played with jigsaw puzzle and being really devastated when any piece of puzzle is missing. Yeah it's that bad. So what can I say is even it is a piece of puzzle, it still has an impact on other people. I did asked about the milk that his used on his experiment. Yeah I'm kinda curious when he mentioned he put a milk in one of the method and I saw something about IgG  ( IgG and IgA are usually secreted in breast milk so I thought..........). Maybe because I didn't read much so I never found any experiment that use milk.
Okay I want to take a nap since I still got sharing moment in this evening. Bye yeom! (^-^)
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