Sunday, December 25, 2011

And again, I'm at home

Arrived yesterday and had a dinner with my parents and youngest sister, Lisa at one of my father friend's restaurant. Chatting with my parents while watching football. After finished our meals. we went back home. Bathe and prayed. Watching television with my family. Later, my sisters returned from company dinner with their friends. I'm quite awkward with them because I don't really know them but try to be nice since they're our guests. After they went back home, I entered my room and read some comics. Yeah I missed my comics so dearly. Sleep with Lisa. She's complaining later in the morning because of my bad sleeping habit..huhu.
Wake up late today. Seems like I'm paying my few days "sleep debt". Helped my parents in the kitchen and starts nagging to my elder sister and youngest sister since Nadirah and Wani went to my grandma's so only these two creatures left. Lunch with my family and watching some old Chinese movie without any feeling.
In the evening, my parents and Lisa went to my second cousin akad. I didn't follow them though. Need to finished some of my works. After Maghrib, I'm doing some house chores and starts updating my FYP's logbook right after Isyak. Starts stalking on Facebook when I'm getting tired with my logbook's thingy. Alhamdulillah, finished updating my logbook and starts blogwalking.
Oh yesterday actually something happened to me and Jed. We asked the driver (we took bus) to drop us near Masjid Ar-Rahmah, Greenwood but he refused to do so as he said he'll get traffic summons if he drop us there so I asked him to stop anywhere that he can drop us. As a result, he drop us at another bus stop 1km from our requested place. Me and Jed, walked together through the night. Since I don't know how to tell my father our location so we walk. The only pedestrian that we met is a man whose walking without shoe. There are also scary moments, the first one is when we walked and in front of us, 4 motorcyclists are taking their own sweet time..but later, when we walked passed them, they start their motorcycles and ride neared to us. Alhamdulillah nothing happened as they just passes through us. We are really afraid because it's night and we are the only pedestrian. The second is, still motorcyclist (why motorcyclist picking on us?). Two Indian men, stop their motorcycle and look at us. I started to pray to Allah because they really look suspicious. But again, alhamdulillah nothing happen. I told Jed " Jed, if we compile our stories, I think it can be in 2 books" and Jed replied "No, I think it will be more" hahaha. Yeah we went through lot of things together. My parents are already waiting for us in front of Masjid Ar-Rahmah when we got there.
Hmm InsyaAllah, I'll go back to Kuantan on Monday. Okay gotta go. Bubbye..

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