Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ayu's wedding (20 photos)

Hi guys! I just came back from my second cousin, Ayu, wedding in Ampang Pecah, KKB. I met lots of relatives there and some of them I didn't even know their existences (sorry). I think they're also the same because they looked really shocked when my mom told them who I am. Never mind next time I'll make sure I remember them. Funny thing is, both of my second cousins choosed red and white as their wedding's theme. Haha seem that combination is in the trend now. So my wedding? Red and black? Hahaahaha just kidding. Somebody might thought they're in wrong place or Gothic party if I chooses that theme huhu. Met my Jimbo there..huhu of course because we're family. He lost his flip flop so he can't go out to eat with other guests. Poor Jimbo..kinda stick to him because I'm quite lost there know I'm feeling weird when the place is too crowd and I'm almost attacked by migraine so I just stick with somebody I knew.
Oh other thing is, I played with one of my relative's baby. He's so cute! His name is Irfan and he's not afraid with other people so it is easy to take care of him. He's so cute (okay I mentioned it twice). I hold him and played with him till my hand is covered with his saliva..huhu never mind, it's a baby so I'm cool with it.
Okay now let see the pictures :)

Nadirah with Irfan

me with Irfan

Pak Ngah joking haha

my second cousin, Amir


me peace hoho

me and jimbo

cutie, Irfan

my Koh Saerah & Wan Anjang
The bride's family
 Ayu looks so cute in those white dress...oh she's the third child from eight siblings..big family right? She's the first one to get married so I wish her all the best and be happy. (^-^)
p/s: my father and my Pak Long dominating karaoke box so they kept singing till I asked Jimbo "Please kidnap my father" hahahhaa...

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