Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back to Kuantan

Yeah I'm in Kuantan now...me and Jed decided to went back early. Arrived in Kuantan at 2.15pm and thanks to Yan because she came and fetched us.
After lunch with Ain (she's willing to wait because I brought gulai tempoyak ikan patin), we planned to go to Taman Pertanian as Alia Aina told Ain that we can buy fruits in cheaper prices.
We went to Taman Pertanian later in the evening. Unfortunately, there is nobody is around so we decided to went back to our campus. On the way back to campus, we saw a fruit stall so we stopped and bought some fruits. Well at least we brought back something..
Funny thing happened when me & Ain were eating our durians. Ain was really satisfied and finished hers first. However, I just eat slowly as I told Ain that I want to devour the taste. Ain asked me to give her some so I just give it. As soon as the durian enters her mouth, "Bitter!" she screamed. I just laughed and told her that's the reason why I eat slowly. Well I have no problem in eating bitter thing so I just can let it slide. At last, I'm the one who need to finish her portion. I also left some for my friend, Wani hehehehe..she came after Isyak to study with me. What makes me laugh is, she eat it quietly and only told me it is bitter when I asked her hahaha..it is not like I tried to pull a prank here..just I thought she wanted to eat some and maybe she likes bitter durian just like me..(okay maybe just a little)..
Tomorrow, InsyaAllah will help Farha by donating few ml of my blood along with Ain, Aina and Su. She needs it for FYP purpose, so we just help her. Okay gotta go..gonna update soon..bubbye (^-^)
p/s: look at my son, Aqlan's smirking~~
his shocked face
naughty fella~
hahaha gonna miss him sooooo much!

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