Friday, December 2, 2011


Hey guys! Yeah looks like I'm updating my blog quite often these days. It's not like I have nothing to do know when we have something in our mind and achingly wanted to let it out? Just happen that I have a blog so here it update.
Cursing. It is not about voodoo and creepy thingy that I wanted to write on but cursing in term of using bad word to express things. It could be because of anger, delight or even something that doesn't even require that bad word to describe it.
Okay as example:
"Yo man, how'cha doin? You looks f**king awesome!".
Hmm...that F word is totally popular and I can say that whole world population know about that F word. Well that F word don't even require to be in that sentence. It can be like this:
"Yo man, how'cha doin? You looks awesome!" or,
"Yo man, how'cha doin? You looks freaking awesome!" (if still you want to put some word to make it sounds if)

"Oh hey can you please shut the f**k up!!"
Pfft..this is the sentence I almost use in the cinema last Sunday because there's a bunch of idiots made their own summary and said out loud while watching a movie. Yeah I'm really angry at that time. That guys should be thrown into deep sea to feed sharks..well at least they're worth something. Oh that F word need to be removed to form a suitable nice sentence.
"Oh hey can you please shut up!!" or
"..." (pull out a gun and shot them)

"What?? Holy shit!!"
There, there..usual shocking expression. Yeah can be used in many occasion but that's not proper. Imagine, your future employer just interviewed you and suddenly he says something and you was shock. Holy shit? Yeah, yeah feed yourself with crap later when you fail that interview.

"Oh that slut should know her position"
Err is that person is a street hooker? Whore? Or anything that related to that? Then what is your position to name her by that "pretty" word?

"Mother f**ker! You dared to left me?!"
 Hoho this type cursing might cause you end up in ICU. Oh yeah of course I dare..

"Hell yeah! I will join you!"
What is the relation of that "hell" word? To make it sounds good?!!

"Hey this f**ktard really don't know how to respect people!!"
Well obviously you are not the right person to be respected so what?

"Hahaha you're f**king hilarious man!"
Yeah maybe this just slip out from your mouth but..F and hilarious? Are you kidding me?

I don't think it is necessary to put bad word just to make the sentences sounds great (it's not obviously). Cursing showed how barbarian you are and it is not even fun. Why must we curse? It is because of trend? Or you are taught to speak in that manner? Yeah I do curse but I really try hard to stop this bad habit because it cause bad impression of people towards me and lower my standard more.
Why people curse? To makes them look cool? To blend in? To express anger? It is not too late to change and remember cursing will brings you nowhere.


perindu_خلافة said...

menarik.. bagus jugak elaborate benda macam ni, skurang2nya kita sedar dan x senang2 terikut budaya yg x berapa elok tuh kn~ ^_^

nice entry btw,
especially cerita mamat dalam cinema tu, HaHaHa

Norlyana Nasrin said...

@perindu_خلافة huhu tq2..
tetibe je rasa macam nk cerita pasal benda yang kekdg dlm x sdr kte buat.. (^-^)
skang ni kanak2 pun dengan selamba je kuar perkataan "b**i" bila sume terikut2 dengan persekitaran dorg..

oh kalaulah Rizqan ditempat kte ketika itu....huhu geram weh~~

whitepegasus91 said...

yeah freaking hilarious sounds great right instead of F***ing hilarious...
and "i pull out a shotgun and shot them dead" that sentence,,hahaha~

Norlyana Nasrin said...

@whitepegasus91 indeed!
haha otherwise it can be
"I pull out a trigger and found them dead" huhu (^-^)

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