Saturday, December 31, 2011

Err (=_=)" A so called new year entry~~

Okay tomorrow is 01012012. So what's the big deal? Most people love to make new year resolution every year but honestly do you guys really try to achieve it? Maybe in the early 6 months but later it will be forgotten and then you only realize it when another "new year" comes. Pathetic noobs..
I know some might really into their own resolution and already achieve it. Congratulation to you! It proves that you're committed and a man of his word (or u can change it to woman..its an idioms anyway). Well you might starts another resolution and achieve it by the end of 2012 (^-^).
Some says 2012 will be the end of the world. what you guys are going to do? Just ignore it? Partying hard? Build your own spacecraft? As a Muslim, I believe in the end of the world or Qiamat. It will comes sooner or later so we need to prepare for it. Same like death, it will comes to you whether you're willing or not. So what can we do? If I says repent, some might think they need to locked themselves inside mosque and reads Al-Quran 24/7 non-stop. No, it is not like that. Try to improve yourselves and be a better Muslim than before. Well you can put it as your new year resolution if you want to. There is never too late until day of Judgement approach. 
Okay initially I just want to post about what so ever new year thingy but accidentally being strayed off. Silly me. I REALLY HATES MALAYSIA'S STYLE OF CELEBRATING NEW YEAR (whoops everything in caps lock just portrayed how much I hates it). I think there is no need of stupid event such as new year count down in some places mostly in the main city which leads to bad traffic! What is the significant of fireworks in KLCC or count down in CROWD?!! Better we just stay at home and reflecting what we've done in past few months or just have a nice talk with our family in couch. What the heck is actually our government try to convey to us when every time in new year there'll be useless events where lots of entertainers gather and where teenagers are freely make out in open space? Yeah2 there'll be some officers from JAKIM whom will try to monitor and prevent any act of zina but just how many peoples they can advice and stop? There are many places in KL or in other big city that will be a spot where count down took place so it is really hard to monitor. 
Actually in KL, different races have different favorite count down spots. Chinese prefer to do new year count down in Pavilion and Sungai Wang Plaza. Malay and Indian prefer KLCC or Dataran Merdeka (where most event will took place). Emigrant are all over the places~~~~
I think there are plenty of beneficial things that our government can do with the money that they'll spent on new year celebration events such as help the poor, give allowance to students and etc.
To those who have any intention to go out and celebrate new year, I think you better cancel it as I think it just wasting your fuel as you'll stuck in traffic jam and the worst is you'll end up sick because in crowd, viruses and bacteria are everywhere.

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