Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Well I asked 1 question regarding "why a mosquito can transmit dengue but not HIV" and I got 1 feedback from my senior, Jazli. Here's his answer:
"i did some reading and this is my understanding:

1) HIV does not infect mosquitoes, it lives for a short period of time in them, but then dies. dengue infects mosquitoes, thus it can survive for long periods of time, sometimes the entire life-span of the mosquito

2) HIV is transmitted via blood, and when a mosquito bites, it does not inject blood into its victim. dengue is transmitted via the mosquito's saliva, which is injected in small amounts as a lubricant when a mosquito bites.

a combination of those 2 scenarios are the main reasons why HIV isn't transmitted by mosquitoes even though dengue is.

hope that helps :)" (Jazli Aziz, 2011)

Honestly it really helps. Thanks again (^-^)
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