Wednesday, December 7, 2011

If our parents are calculating person

Do you guys ever wondered if our parents calculate every single thing they had done to us? Well let me elaborate this more..
If our parents calculating, we will even started to have a debt on our born day. The hospital bills, car's fuel, foods and all baby products need to be paid by us.
How about food? Since we are newborn, so we only requires mother's milk. What if our mother put a price on each liter of milk we consumed? It is proved by scientific research that mother's milk is the best milk in the world. How much do we need to pay? For a normal skimmed milk in market, it could us in about RM 50 per KG but as the best milk and need to be consumed directly, the price should be higher as it cater the most comfortable position (on our mother's embrace) and most nutrients. Our mother could be a millionaire if she really did charged us till we stop consumed her milk.
When we was a baby, we easily infected by pathogenic bacteria or in easy word susceptible to disease as our immune system still not completed. Each visit to clinic usually cost a lot and if our parents bring us to government hospital they need to wait for a long ques before the doctor can diagnose us. Imagine how worry they could be in and if they want to charged us a penny whenever they worry about us, I guess we can see mountains of penny.
Do you know that we used to be a reason why our parents not getting enough sleeps? We tend to woke up in the middle of night whenever we're hungry or wet our diaper. In what method do we awoke them? Haha of course crying in high pitched till even disturbed our neighbors. Wonder if our parents claimed overtime fee whenever they need to wake up and entertain us? Man! We couldn't settled our bills till the next generation maybe since overtime fee is triple.        
Then remember when we first time entering kindergarten? To tell the truth, I'm totally freaked out on my first day and my mom need to wait for me outside the classroom. I kept checking on her and when my mom went back home, I cried and bothered my classroom teacher by clinging to her arm and bawled! She's really irritated by my action and sent me to my sister. After a week or two..I quit my kindergarten. If one hour of my mom's wasted time is charged 3 dollars (normal rate) just imagine how much do I need to pay her? What if there is extra rate? I mean she's standing outside my classroom for hours just to made sure I'm okay..imagine how tired she is at that time..
When I entered elementary school, again I was terrified! Argh this is embarrassing! My classroom's teacher is very fierce and she had a loud voice. First day in school.....yeah crying again and again especially when my other classmates were also know like kind of forming an harmonious choir but in annoying way. My parents came and even brought me food..yeah they worried since it's my first day in school and I cried when they left me in that early morning. Same as much do you think I need to pay them if they're really calculate their wasted precious time on me?
Do you guys remember during our school time, there are plenty of salesperson came to our class and promoted their things. As a normal kid, of course I got influenced by their sweet little talk and guess what? I forced my parents to give me money to buy those things even though actually that was sort of "trash"?? I played for a few days and at the end of the day those things really became trashed items. Do you count how many times those salesperson came to your school? Then calculate how many money your parents wasted on those trash!                                                                                                                                      
As we grow up, many things became requirement for us such as new clothes, books and etc. We used to get influenced by television advertisements and guess who's money we spent on? If it jotted down, it could be piles of debt books lied in our home. Our parents would be really rich if we pay it off.
I remembered when the first time I ate pizza in Pizza Hut. Yeah of course it is because of me and my siblings crazily wanted to try to eat those things so our parents just fulfilled our stupid desires. We couldn't finished our pizza because it's not compatible with our taste buds (actually we ordered wrong type of pizza) so our parents try to finished it and I know they were kind of upset. Calculate how many times our parent need to be our savior even though they don't really liked it. It is almost like a cosmetic clinical trial..where peoples are paid to test the product. So how much do we need to pay our parents since they're really not willing but forced to do some our "clinical trial"?
I think there are many things our parents had done to all of us but they didn't take into account because they're sincerely loves us. If they do take into account, I think we will never be able to settle our debt to them even though we worked till we die. But what happen to us when we grow up? Especially when we are already successful and have a great job? Some just forgot about their parents sacrificed and even calculative when their parent need their helps. Some might just throw their parents to old folks home because they got no time to spend on their parents. Some left their parents in despair when caught up as criminal. Some just ignored their parents because they "do not understand" what we, the young generation wanted to. Some even beat their parents when their desires cannot be fulfilled. Some might just killed their parents with their disgraceful acts. So guys what type of person do you want to be? Remember without your parents you're never exist!

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