Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm beat!

Had quite a long and tiring day. Since yesterday our group started our FYP back, today we went our lab for observation purpose. Seems like we had negative result for E.Coli. Today, we also managed to culture 2 more bacteria. Yeah session ended before 5.30 today.
After Maghrib, I accompany Ain to Megamall. It's raining heavily at Kuantan town and unfortunately, at time we want to get back to IIUM, we're stuck because of flood. I experienced terrible flood in Kuantan for the first time in my life.
We called our friend to fetch us but they're unable to do so. We're quite scared and cold but still can laughed when we looked at our drenched states. Yeah we should expect the unexpected. Then, suddenly we remembered our friend, Jimmy, so Ain called him and plead him to fetch us. It took some time but at least he came and fetched us with Apek as co-pilot. They were outside for dinner actually and came straight when Ain called. Jimmy were quite pissed since it's flooding and he's run out of gasses. Then, he drove to Semambu's Petronas for gasses.
He was so "nice" coz he noticed we're cold but still he's turned on the air-conditioner to the coolest level..thanks!! I just love the feeling of travel to Alaska sneak peak...yeah just bear with it since he's the one who saved us today..
I feel like I'm getting a fever..huhu drenched + air-conditioner = fever... gonna rest soon..bubbye

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