Thursday, December 1, 2011

JJ Kimbab- Swimming - Cigarette?

Went to JJ Kimbab for dinner with Azra, Saf and Mas. This is the second time I dine in this restaurant. It's a Korean restaurant that located in Jalan Berserah, Kuantan. Today we ordered Chicken BBQ set and seafood pancake. The price? It's not too pricey..just like a normal international restaurant price rate? BUT!! It's totally worth it!
After dinner, we went back to IIUM. Azra dropped Saf and Mas at cafe and both of us went to IIUM Stadium swimming pool..but before swimming, we prayed at musolla first. Then..the swimming activity started!!! I played like crazy with Azra and even taught her how to float and a lil bit of swimming techniques..err I'm not even professional okay but well just helping a friend~~

Okay what about cigarette? Now there is a futsal tournament occur in the stadium and students from another university come and have a competitions here. The thing is, I almost attack by heart-failure when I entered female toilet (after swimming so...) I thought I entered male toilet so I confirmed with the sign in front of the toilet. There are two females students (obviously from another university) whom have short hair and look like males. What made me thought I entered the wrong toilet not only because of their appearance but I smelled cigarette smoke when I entered the toilet..yeah it's too strong till I wanna puke!! Well you guys might say "Maybe the smell is from nearby male toilet" err I don't think so because male toilet located quite far from that female toilet. That will be impossible if a male has entered female toilet to smoke and then left. Oh then I noticed, there is one toilet was used, so I waited outside that toilet. After a few minutes, one girl with short hair (maybe same school with the previous girls) came out. She's quite shocked when saw me in front of her toilet but she pretend to be cool. She quickly washed her hand and head out. The cigarette smell is almost gone when she left that toilet you guys think like I think?
Female with cigarette is like baboon with Lamborghini (why Lamborghini?) which is totally unmatched!! Girls, maybe you think it is cool to dressed up like a boy and smoke. Let me tell you is not cool at all!! I don't care whether you want to turned into baboon or what but please respect our university's law. No smoking inside the campus! Well yes that is a stadium but the stadium located inside the campus so it is bound with the law! Yeah I know some of our staffs or even students smoke inside the campus and nobody cares about that. Well that's WRONG! Somebody must says something! But who? Why? Afraid of getting yell at? Yeah I guess that's the reason.
Another thing, err girls you guys are in IIUM so please next time wear suitable clothes and cover you aurah. If possible try to cover your aurah even outside of IIUM. There is no freak that admire Muslim girl without hijab unless he's a total freak!
Ok that all I want to update for now!! bubye


McDgUrLz said...

boleh taw x jj kimbab ni kat mane eh??

Norlyana Nasrin said...

@McDgUrLz kat area Jalan Berserah..x ingat la direction dia mcm mne sbb dh lama x g..

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