Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This morning, I went to KOS as I had RM class and today we had a sharing moment with one of young scientist. The title is quite difficult so I can't remember it but it is actually about factor that cause William's disease (correct me if I'm wrong). The interesting part of his lecture for me is Q & A session. One of my classmate asked him questions regarding his experiment results on how to identify good or bad result, how can we contribute (I shorten his text hehe) and what is his experiment control. Well the answer that I love most is what we're doing today might be a piece of puzzle that can complete another one thing and can help others.
Puzzle or maze are the things I likes to play with since I was young. I used to played with jigsaw puzzle and being really devastated when any piece of puzzle is missing. Yeah it's that bad. So what can I say is even it is a piece of puzzle, it still has an impact on other people. I did asked about the milk that his used on his experiment. Yeah I'm kinda curious when he mentioned he put a milk in one of the method and I saw something about IgG  ( IgG and IgA are usually secreted in breast milk so I thought..........). Maybe because I didn't read much so I never found any experiment that use milk.
Okay I want to take a nap since I still got sharing moment in this evening. Bye yeom! (^-^)


perindu_خلافة said...

kita adalah salah seorang dr pencipta puzzle yang mungkin membantu untuk research 2,3 ratus akan datang, huhu
p/s: [kalau masih wujud la dunia ni]

# yang pasti apa pun yang kita buat hari ini akan punya kesan tertentu pada masa depan, baik kita.. baik la dunia; jugak sebaliknya,

usaha berubah ^_^

Norlyana Nasrin said...

@perindu_خلافة ye insyaAllah..memang seronok klu benda yang kte usahakan dapat tolong dan beri manfaaat pd orang lain.

yup, setuju! cthnye mcm nuclear atom..could be a threat but at the same time beneficial.
p/s: nmpk rizqan naik WNT td huhu~~