Thursday, December 15, 2011


Today in Environmental Microbiology class, during Prof Othman's lecture about Environmental Transmission of Pathogens,suddenly this question popped up in my mind "Why mosquito (Aedes), who used to be agent to transmit dengue can't transmit HIV?". I asked my friend and she's kind of agree with me and questioned "Why nobody doing research on that?". Hmm this is quite interesting title for research don't you guys think so?
There must be a chemical substance or enzyme inside mosquito that unable it to transmit HIV to other human since HIV can also be transmitted by blood. Okay let me explain in a very simple way how mosquito (Aedes) can transmit dengue.
1. Female Aedes mosquito bites dengue infected human.
2. Virus incubation for 8 to 10 days enable the mosquito to transmit virus for the rest of it life.
3. Infected female mosquito may also transmit virus to their offspring via the eggs transmission.
4. When the mosquito bites other human, it transmit the virus.
Okay back to my question. The most probably answer for it is the physiology of mosquito is not suitable for HIV. Yeah this could an answer but a research should be done to prove it as we cannot simply just guess. So friends..what do you guys think? (^-^)

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