Sunday, December 18, 2011

Saturday night out

Last night I went out with Azra..yeah dating again..hehehe just kidding I don't have that kind of hobby..okay we went out at 8pm and straight to ECM. Parked outside D entrance and we went to 2nd floor to buy my comics. Met Baby Cute and Pinky inside that bookstore. Unfortunately, one of the comic book that I wanted to buy is not available. Yeah quite disappointed. So we head out to Watson, I bought my contact lens solution there. Later, we went to KFC because my roommate asked me to buy her X-Meal a little bit held back in here since I need to wait for colonel burger..
Black Canyon, yeah we decided to have our dinner here. It has been quite a long time since I visited this premise but still I'm satisfied with their food and services. Okay let pictures do the talking~~
mine: Ice Blended Green Tea (with milk) yummy!!

Azra's dinner.
mine: American Fried Rice
Okay gotta go now.bye yeom! (^-^)/
p/s: I would like to congratulate my second cousin for her wedding yesterday..yeah sorry because I can't attend due to BTN (=.=)''

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