Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday and I'm jealous

Wake up early in the morning but got no motivation to get off from my bed. Lazily turn on my laptop and hover all around the internet. Reading some fan fiction and some other sites. Updating my blog and blogwalking. Suddenly my friend aka roommate aka classmate, Ain asked me whether I wanted to buy food or not. Quickly got off from my bed and shower (hehehe)..went to cafe and met with Kak Izreen..talked and teased. Went back to my room after I bought my brunch. Eating while looking out at the window (my hobby) and thinking "I'm gonna miss this" silently. Study a little bit since tomorrow got Research Methodology quiz and take a look at Environmental Microbiology notes. Feeling slightly dizzy so I end up sleeping till evening. Wake up after having a sweet dream so I keep grinning. Turn on my laptop and check on my blog and blogwalking (again? yeah coz it's fun!). Open up Facebook..hmm what a popularity (okay this is a lie). Then I noticed my second cousin status. Yeah her sister wedding is yesterday and my family were there also. Feeling jealous because I'm not able to be there with them. I know it must be fun since all family members are gathering and working on something while having a nice must be great. Until now my family are there..don't know when will they go back to Rawang. Before this I really hates going to a wedding. Yeah I was brought in quite modern family and my parents are not too fond with tradition. I started to respect our tradition only when I grew up. Since I'm a hybrid, I need to respect two races tradition, Malay and Chinese and guess what I really enjoyed it (even though not much tradition that I followed). Okay back to my jealousy. My father have a really huge family since he's 5th child from 12 siblings. Yeah it's a dozen! He used to babysit his siblings which bring advantages to him. My father can cook, do laundry (by hand) and even tidy up our house. In level of creativity, he loves wood-craft and designing. Even an apple "curtain" in our kitchen and bathroom are his work of art.
quite blur coz this pictture taken by my son, Wafiq.
About the wedding, the bride is my uncle's daughter. My uncle married later than my father even though he's older but her daughter is married before us (hehehe). Yeah she's a year younger than me and we used to played together when we was a kid back then. So when I'm thinking about how the her wedding's scenery would be, I just can't help to be jealous. But nevermind, since all my second cousin whom same age with me still not married hehehe...can't even imagined if we're married coz we're way too childish. Next week, 24th December 2011, my other second cousin is going to be married. Did you remember the one that I broke her nail when she was young and I didn't attended her engagement ceremony? Sure you not. She's getting married a day before Christmas..hmm quite in dilemma whether I can go back or not since my FYP progress is not really impressive. Too much things need to be done and I didn't even started writing my thesis. Yeah need too find the inspiration first before starting to write anything + I'm not in the mood...
Okay I guess that's all update for today..for Mimi and Ayu, I wished both of you will be happy and may Allah blessed your wedding (^-^)
Oh I miss this shorty soooooo much!

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