Friday, December 23, 2011

Thirstday Labster as Last Customers

ANW (Ain, Nasrin, Wani)
Quite funny title i put up there. Okay I'm having quite tiring day today. Back from lab at 6.40pm, I can saw my friends tired faces as we walked through the rain. Exhausted and hungry. Made it to my precious room. Bathe and prayed. After Isyak, the overwhelming hunger is completely knocked me down. Ain asked me whether I want to eat out. Well a scrumptious invitation since she mentioned JJ Kimbab. Okay we're quite craving for beef rice so JJ Kimbab is the only place that I knew which have a fantastic-oh-so-tasty beef rice so I agree.
Went out with Ain and Wani. My ANW gang is back in town, baby! Actually we just went out together last Tuesday but it's kinda okay because before this we never really had a chance to hang out together as Wani not in same year with us. Well, she's got some problem back then which caused her took 1 year break. So three of us head to JJ Kimbab which located in Jalan Berserah. Me and Ain as usual ordered beef rice and chicken rice for Wani. I love side dishes so I took a set ,while Ain and Wani ala carte. Since we arrived quite late, 9.30pm..we end up to be the last customers they served for the day. Oh guess what? The owner recognize me as I always come and eat there with my friends, be it Rubiah, Azra or Ain who took me there...yeah I don't posses any transport or licence. The owner even give me double chop on JJ Kimbab business card which she said if I collect 5 chops then I can get a free drink..huhu cool...well that's business strategy. Oh yeah if you guys are happened to be in Kuantan on 24 and 25 December and wanted to visit JJ Kimbab, you're encouraged to wear any red attire as they'll give out 10% discount and will take a picture for you. (They really need to pay me for this kind of advertisement...teehee just kidding!)
Actually, there are solat jemaah and hajat with reciting yasin and zikr events occur at new mosque but I just can't make it. Quite disappointed actually. I knew some might labelled me as anti-social or anything but I'm not. Told in the earlier part of this post, I knew about that event, late this evening as I'm waiting for autoclave to be done. Since we finished late and we're exhausted so we can't make it. Well some might think this is an excuse instead of reason and wondered why I need to explained myself? Hmm let Mr Brain do it works will you?
Okay I think I need to help others will update later..bye yeom!
p/s: Rubiah quite pull out some stunt in EnviMicrobe class today..yeah playing her laptop with her toes instead of finger..
Rubiah's laptop on floor
and when she's caught..


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@RuBy hahaha elok plak time ni aku tgh dgr lagu it will rain hahahaha..
oh aku dah boleh lagu aku practice pki piano gadget hahaha