Sunday, December 11, 2011

Unforgettable scene

I did mentioned about me and my friends went to congregational Maghrib prayer last Friday right? Well what I didn't mentioned is the thing happened back then inside mosque before and after the prayer.
When we entered the mosque, everything just normal..yeah there're not a lot of peoples since we're not in month of Ramadhan (sarcastic but that's the truth). So we took our ablutions and waited for azan. Inside the mosque, there is one mother with three boys..obviously they're hers. The first son kept playing with his youngest brother (few months old baby i guess) while the second son crying out loud as he wanted his mother to wear back her scarf and head out. The mother wants to pray so she persuaded her son to stop crying as it disturbed others. I can't monitored the further scene as I need to prayed with another jemaah. When I finished, I turned back to that mother but can't find her..I saw her first son and her baby neared my friend so I approached them. It just happened that I saw the mother are actually praying at the last saf with her son hanging at her back. Her son kept crying but not as loud as before and the mother did move a few times to makes sure her son didn't fell. So I just went to the first son and little baby..I noticed that the first son quite fond with his youngest brother and didn't bothered much with his crying younger brother where I find it quite cute (??). He kind of took care of his youngest brother but in the same time looked like it's too affectionate till might harm the baby.
Okay the main point is can't you see how much our parents or mother in this case will put up with us? Yeah of course I refered to the crying second son. He's crying non-stop and I can imagine if I am his mother you guys will found he's tied at any nearest tree outside the mosque. Sounds cruel right? Yeah I'm not a mother yet so...I don't know. I might just handed him to his "respective" father to handle..
I kept posting things related to parents because I think I need to emphasizes on that. Most of us only think about our parents only when we had some trouble right? Hmm I think that also imply on me..yeah I'm a bad daughter... BUT It's not too late to change my dear friends. Do not only regret when your parents are only exist in spirit know what I mean right? Be nice to them, be their friend and supporter or even adviser if they needed. We always think that our parents just a nuisance when came to social advice BUT remember they living in this cruel world longer than you do and they had encountered various types of homosapien so they're actually have their points. Maybe they're a lil bit outdated BUT doesn't mean they're USELESS!! We as their children might have our own me..I'm quite argumentative and will states my view on almost I shared with is likes a small debate but with no harsh feeling. Of course I LOVE the sweet taste of victory but I never HATE others opinion. My dad always be the one who can rationalize and argue with me which I really LOVE it! That feeling when somebody really listen to you and gives a great (^-^)
Hmm seems like I'm a lil bit strayed away from the topic..okay I really hope that you guys will ponder upon this post and might throw some comments in the comment box which you know your opinion will be read and replied I guess I'm off for now..gudde bye yeom! (^_______^)

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