Monday, December 12, 2011

When our parents start calculate~

Before birth (during 9 months of pregnancy):

Regular check up in private hospital : RM200++ (free if government)
Clinical visits = RM200++ (if got terrible morning sickness usually in early pregnancy)
Baby preparation stuffs (clothes, diapers, cribs etc) = RM1000++
Fuels (travelling to hospital, clinic etc) = RM500++
Healthy foods for pregnant mother = RM2000++
(if parents undergo any fertility treatment the cost would be more)

After birth (0-3 year old):

Baby's regular check up in private hospital = RM300++ (free if government)
Diapers = RM3600++ (assumed RM100 per month in 3years)
Formula milk = RM2520++ (assumed RM70 per month in 3 years)
Clinical visits = RM1000++ (could be more if baby suffered from any chronic disease)
Wardrobe (clothes etc) = RM2000++ (baby's clothes are really expensive)
Special occasions = RM1000++ (eg: birthday, full-month celebration for Chinese, for Malay there will be a lot of customary occasions)
Fuels = RM3000++
Babysitter = RM700++ (RM23,800 in 34 months..especially for working parents)
Mother's treatment after giving birth= RM2000++ (berpantang in Malay)
Foods = RM2000++

Pre-school (4-6 year old):

Kindergarten admission registration fee= RM200++ (could be more in specialized kindergarten eg: Smart Reader)
Kindergarten monthly fees= RM100++ (RM3600 in 3 years time..could be more than RM5000 in specialized kindergarten)
Clinical visits = RM1000++ (since they started mingle with various of peoples, chances of getting the infection is higher)
Babysitter  = RM500++ (RM18,000 in 3 years)
Foods = RM3000++
Fuels = RM7200++
Toys = RM2000++

Primary/Elementary school (7-12 year old):

Fees = RM5000++ (includes another fees)
Bus fees (if travel by bus) = RM5280++ (assumed RM80 per month in 6 years)
Clinical visits = RM3000++
Religious school fees = RM2000++
School uniforms = RM1440++ (assumed RM60/uniform x 4 x 6 years (2 for regular and 2 for religious school))
Allowance = RM7260++ (assumed RM5 per day)
Fuels = RM10,000++
Foods = RM100,000++
Wardrobe = RM5000++ (more if girl)
Miscellaneous = RM50,000++ (eg: family vacation etc)

Secondary school (13-17 year old):

Fees = RM6000++ (includes other fees)
Bus fees = RM4400++ (assumed RM80 per month in 5 years)
Clinical visits = RM2000++
School uniform = RM1050++ (assumed RM70/uniform x 3 x 5 years)
Allowance = RM9680++ (assumed RM8/day)
Fuels = RM10,000++
Foods = RM120,000++
Wardrobe = RM10,000++ (more if girl)
Miscellaneous = RM50,000++
(money for foods and fuels will be less if we stayed in dormitory + bus fees wouldn't be needed but allowance will be increased)

Matriculation or College (18-20 year old)

Fees = RM700++ for matriculation (more than RM50,000 if college or foundation)
Allowance = RM4000++ for matriculation (more than RM10,000 if college or foundation)
Fuels = RM7000++ (less if we(their child) got our own vehicle)
Foods = RM60,000++ (less if we stay in dorm)
Wardrobe = RM6000++ (less if we bought our own clothes)
Miscellaneous = RM30,000++

University (21-24 year old):
taken from Rizqan's
Fees = RM60,000++ (0 if covered by PTPTN or JPA or any other organization)
Allowance = RM400/month (usually when scholarship money is finished)
Wardrobe = RM7000++ (less if we bought our own clothes)
Foods = RM80,000++ (less if stayed in dorm)
Miscellaneous = RM30,000++
Fuels = RM10,000++ (less if we got our own vehicle)

Job hunting period (after graduation):
Foods = RM4000++ (more if we still unemployed in longer period of time)
Fuels = RM2000++ (since we're unemployed, most probably will be covered by our parents)
Miscellaneous = RM10,000++

Fuhh!! I spent hours to list out all of these expenditures and you know what? I even started to think twice regarding having a baby. Well guys, you can calculates the total by yourself and starts planning if you want to be parents in this short period. Oh if you think that what I'm posted here is useless, well you can just ignore it and live your life as usual. By the way, the main reason why I'm posting all of these numbers is I want to open up your mind or our mind about our parents sacrifices. Yeah in this post it is in term of monetary. They never asked us to pay them back but only hope that they will not to be forgotten when we are successful in the future. Remember they even willing to starved themselves to fulfill our needs but what we pay them in return? Please think about it deeply before giving out any random answer. Yeah some might says "Why do I care? It's their responsibility! They should think before having us in the first place!"..this type of people should be thrown away on their born day because they're just wasting oxygen on Earth to let them breathe.
Okay that's all guys..will update whenever I feel like updating..hahaha (^-^)
p/s: Love our parents more than our friends because they totally deserved it :)


perindu_خلافة said...

amat2 terkesan dgn post lyana kali ni.. bermakna sangat2, thanx for sharing btw sis T_T

andeeka said...

nice info,,,hehe..apa yg penting kita msih sedar bnda ni..e2 yg paling mustahak...peace no war

Norlyana Nasrin said...

alhamdulillah, baguslah kalau macam 2
u r welcome (^-^)
btw thanks sbb sudi share di wall rizqan :)

thanks (^-^)
ye tujuan asal post ni adalah untuk mengingatkan semula kpd sesiapa yang terlupa pasal pengorbanan ibubapa..
hehe yeah :)

aimi said...

wow.. pening la camni.. kne cari suami kaya.. aku rasa aku tak mampu nak cari duit banyak2.. haha

Norlyana Nasrin said...

@aimi ahaha mula menabung dr skang..
sila apply jd consultant utk EIA hehehee...

tapi jgn risau..insyaAllah setiap anak ade rezeki die sndr tp dlm ms yg sama kte kena pandai merancang..

RuBy said...

HAHAHAH~ aku gelak kan komen aimi~
cara yang mudah adalah menyenangkan hati mak ayah je.. kalu mereka bahagia kerana kita secara tak langsung, terhilang semua penat lelah wang2 semua...kan?

kan kan kan~

Norlyana Nasrin said...

@RuBy hehe suke ko Rubiah~~
btol katamu Rubiah..tapi nak jadi anak yang menyenangkan hati ibubapa agak susah la juga tapi berbaloi untuk mencuba~~
lagi 1 cuba biasakan cakap terima kasih kat ibubapa kte..mesti diorang terharu