Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Easy to say but hard to choose the right one. Then we end up in huge argument where nobody willing to tolerate. Sometimes we didn't mean it that way but when someone misinterpret, things get ugly. Wonder what will happen if nobody want to try to understand before making any conclusion. Why don just ask "what do you really mean?" "I'm sorry, could you please explain?". It is better than outrage before any confirmation. Honestly, even myself can't control my anger sometimes. Especially when comes to family and friends. I feel like I'm responsible to protect them and try to give anything that can help them whenever they need it. When somebody tries to hurt them, I'll go crazily outrage. Yeah I did that. Maybe some might assumes that I'm just a freak delusional. Hmm guess what? I don't care! Think whatever you want~ I'll go against others if I need to do so.
Just last 2 days, my friend almost get hit by UCSA (University College Shahputra) student's. That guy is intentionally rode his motorcycle neared us (we just came back from lab at that time and we walked). He then said "Ragut, ragut" and laughed when my friend was shocked with his act. Honestly, I'm really pissed off when my friend said that guy really neared and she looks pale. I shouted but unfortunately they are too far already (they rode motorcycle in group). I plan to send a letter to UCSA student affair and now still in progress. InsyaAllah will send it in this week. Oh by the way I don't understand why that University College Shahputra is acronym with UCSA..what is A stands for? Haha I think of that bad word..haih
Yeah I'm quite fond with my family and friends but when I'm hurt I just can't be myself and tend to isolate myself from world. Hmm I guess I'm just a little bit freaky. To recover, I read books and listen to Quranic verse. Alhamdulillah it helps a lot.
Words are even sharper than a sword. When you're stabbed with a sword, it's hurt but it can be recover and that pain linger only at that time. However, words still can haunt you because you mentally recorded it and will be played over and over again.
p/s: This post should be in two separate entry but I just too lazy to do so..

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