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Blood Types

Suddenly I wanted to share my opinion regarding blood types. Human blood types divided into four; A, B, O and AB. Well in countries such as Japan and South Korea, blood type is famous as they believed each blood type has the effect on human personality. Okay lets check it out!

Type A
People with blood type A have a deep-rooted strength that helps them stay calm in a crisis when everyone else is panicking. However, they tend to avoid confrontation, and feel very uncomfortable around people. A types are shy and sometimes withdrawn. They seek harmony and are very polite, but all the same feel that they never really fit in with others. A types are very responsible. If there is a job to be done, they prefer to take care of it themselves. These people crave success and are perfectionists. They are also very creative, and the most artistic of all the blood types, most likely because of their sensitivity.
People with blood type A are also likely to be considered classic "type A's": stressed and conscientious. In anime, people like Hotohori are type A's.
The Third Hokage, Haruno Sakura, Hotohori, Heero Yui, Keiko (Kayko) Yukimura 

Type B
People with blood type B are the most practical of the blood groups. They are specialists in what they do. When they start a project, they spend extra time understanding and trying to follow directions than others might. When they are doing something, all of their attention is focused on it. They tend to stick to a goal and follow it through to the end, even if it seems impossible. They tend to be less than cooperative, as they like to follow their own rules and their own ideas. They are individualists. B type people pay attention to their thoughts a little more than their feelings, and therefore can sometimes seem cold and serious.
People with blood type B are often considered more relaxed, freewheeling, and unconventional than other types, although not necessarily to an unacceptable degree. In anime, the genki, off-the-wall types are type B, along with any kind of well-intended character who's ruled by their impulses.
Naruto, Duo Maxwell, Miaka, Nuriko, Tasuki, Sagara Sanosuke

Type O
People with blood type O people are outgoing, energetic and social. They are the most flexible of the blood types. They easily start up projects but often have trouble following through because they give up easily. They are flighty and not too dependable. O types always say what's on their mind. They value the opinion of others and like to be the center of attention. Also, people with O blood are extremely self-confident.
Type O, the most "average" blood type, is considered the best type in Japan.
Quatre, Sailor Moon, Saito Hajime, Kamiya Kaoru, Tamahome

Type AB
People with blood type AB are hard to categorize. They can have characteristics on both ends of the spectrum at the same time. For instance, they are both shy and outgoing. They easily switch from one opposite to another. AB people are trustworthy and responsible, but can't handle it when too much is asked of them. They don't mind doing favors or helping out, as long as its on their own conditions. People with this blood type are interested in art and metaphysics.
AB is considered the worst blood type. In predictability-loving Japan, they're loose cannons. They also like to set their own conditions and reserve the right to drop out when things don't meet their expectations. They're known to be sensitive and considerate—at times—but it just isn't enough to balance out the flaws in this blood type. For a while, some companies tried dividing their employees into work groups based on blood type, and no one wanted to work with the AB group. Anime villains are likely to be type AB.

credit goes to : Issendai's Lair

Superstitious? Indeed but it's fun to play with right? Okay2 one more:

Type O
People with the Type O blood group, are said to be creative, confident and quite popular, they enjoy being the center of attention. Type O's are also outgoing and very social, though mostly initiators, they may never get to finish what they start.

Type A
People with the Type A blood group, are said to be very trustful, honest and conscientious to a fault. Type A's are also known to be perfectionists, they might seem outwardly calm but tend to have balls of nerves within. Type A are also artistic and are sometimes shy and sensitive too.

Type B
People with Type B blood group, are strong willed, goal oriented, they always finish whatever they start, whether in perfect timing or in excellent fashion. People with Type B blood group, always seem to find their own way in life.

Type AB
Those with a Type AB blood group, are an interesting lot indeed, though they are trustworthy and honest, its being said that they seem to have a split personality! Type AB blood group also like helping people, they are outgoing and confident but they can also be shy too.

Compatibility by Blood Groups
A is said to be most compatible with A and AB

B is said to be most compatible with B and AB

AB is said to be most compatible with AB, B, A and O

O is said to be most compatible with O, and AB

credit : BellaOnline

So guys whatever type your blood is, what's control or mold your personality are environment, belief and education. 

p/s: I'm O+ heheehe (^-^)

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