Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day before Environmental Microbiology Final

Wake up late today as I fall asleep at 7.30am. Finished studied whole notes and jotted down few chemicals cycle that made me headaches. InsyaAllah will review it back tonight. This evening I'm going to swim with Rubiah..woohoo..and I know that I'll end up with a flu and fever but that never gonna stop me to have fun in pool. Just took it as a small break between study. But I can see myself struggling tonight though.
Well this semester is approaching towards its end. What I can conclude from this whole semester is I'm involved in a turbulent of emotional changes. There are many happy things occur throughout this semester so does sad things. Cried too many times till it broke the record. Yeah I never cried this hard before. But of course it is not because of L.O.V.E. thingy.

Other thing is...I lose weight! Many things happened and due to my own restrictions I lose about 13kg in 3 months. Maybe nobody notice it though..fufufu. Oh it's embarrassing talking about weight in public blog
This semester I also learned that me, myself are able to achieve whatever I wanted if I pushed a lil bit harder. Yeah I can see my progress and I like it. I also noticed that I'm quite fond with Microbiology even though I'm kind of hate it before because I don't bother to understand it. It is true when we love thing that we do, we are able to grasp the idea and understand it well. Alhamdulillah now I can says that I understood the idea of this subject.
Okay gotta stop for now and get ready for Asar. (^-^)

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