Saturday, January 28, 2012

A letter to Dad

You know my personality
You know my worldview
You know what inside my mind
but yet you still let it slide because I'm your daughter.

You taught me how to fight
You taught me how to be patience
You taught me how to be a great girl
but you never taught me how to be a good wife because you know one day I'll leaves you.

You know I'm wild
You know I'm stubborn
You know I'm clumsy
but you still look at me like looking at your precious jewel.

You never shows your concern
You never shows your sadness
You never shows your weakness
but you can't never denied that you treasured your family.

I used to be rebellious
I used to be useless
I used to be broken
but you never lose your hopes for me and that makes me changed

I still remember the day that you beat me
I still remember your anger towards me
I still remember how much I used to hate you
but I can never admit that I appreciates all your efforts to bring me back to what I'm supposed to be.

I know that you always monitor your daughters
I know that you always worries about us
I know that It is really hard to keep us in a right track
but dad, I know that you're doing it right.

these are what I was meaning to says but it is so hard for me to do that. I'm still stubborn, rebellious, wild but thank you. I know without your helps I will never be me today (^-^)


#I might looked confident outside but actually I'm totally shy!

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