Monday, January 2, 2012

Long night~~

Spent whole night reading notes from slide show presentation + online (I think 70% online...silly). Just reviewing all Environmental Microbiology slides while sharing funny photos on Facebook..hehehehe. It is my kinda new hobby though. Funny and sarcastic photos will be my favorite photo to share.
Oh I also watched Mr Popper's penguin and you know what? I really want to keep those penguins! They're so cute!! Argh really want to go to Southern Hemisphere & do some research on penguin (^-^). Arctic fox..okay then, will migrate to Northern Hemisphere right after that fufufufufu...talking like North & South can be reached by walking (=_=)"

My study progress....hmm quite slow but in still progress~~fufufufu..FYP? Will start after final exam & hopefully finished before next semester. Seems like I need to sacrifices my semester break...hehe don't really mind coz I applied LIDV since early of this semester.
Gong Xi Fa Cai...hmm not sure whether I can go home for Chinese New Year..but I think it's okay because my family are well informed about my situation.
So seems like everything is going to be okay right? Keep that positive thinking! Optimistic might be in my personality but Opportunistic run in my blood while Pessimistic caused by others what's the relation? Teehee (^-^)

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