Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Me in my own cocoon

Examination and raining season could never be friend of mine. The combination of those two make me wanna snug in my blanket for whole day long. Study for examination is almost impossible in this kind of weather (am I blaming the weather now?). But strong-willed beats it (hehehe). See I use "almost impossible" not "impossible" okay? Playing with words~~
Examination...just finished 2 papers and got 2 papers left. Basic Environmental Law (BEL) and Environmental Toxicology (EnviToxico). For BEL, well lots of readings are required and I need to memorize almost all sections in Environmental Quality Acts (EQA) 1974. Need to motivate myself to do it and I know I can do it (try to self-psycho). EnviToxico............thankfully it is on 11th so I got quite plenty of time to read as it covers a lot of chapters and includes some laws.
Raining season..umbrella is a necessary accessory for this season especially to pedestrian like me. However, no need to complain because at least I don't need to walk in heat. Raining season also makes me easily to fall asleep and somehow this weather affects my mood.
Oh yesterday I did mentioned that I'm going to swim with Rubiah right? I'm having a good time there and really shocked because still lot of students in pool even though now is examination period. Huhu...I managed to teach Rubiah few swimming techniques and gladly she managed to swim quite well. Honestly, I'm not a good teacher as I learned to swim by myself. Just happened that I can float on the water surface and I took that advantage as it really helps when comes to swimming. So whoever that asked me to teach them, I'm gladly helps but I'm sorry if I can't give better explanation. However, just ask me and insyaAllah I'll help (^-^)
Okay I think I need to get some rest..matta jaane (^-^)


RuBy said...

kaki aku sakit dek kerana kau!!
petang kang nak swim lagi tak??

Norlyana Nasrin said...

@RuBy fufufufu..
xpe ade peningkatan drpd ko dok swim xde arah tujuan hehehe...
best kan muka troll dlm air td?

Norlyana Nasrin said...
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