Sunday, January 1, 2012

My new year

I don't celebrate it like moron duh~~ haha too harsh..okay actually every time in new year I makes few changes and add something to my possession. Okay here the things (^-^)
my PA - "personal assistant "
 Yeah I can't afford to hire a PA for myself so this book will be the substitute PA + diary.

Planner + notes
I loves GDex planner because it has huge space for jotted down thingy. I can also write my notes in this planner.

my Executive Planner or Management Diary
 Okay this thing is a must for me. Every year my mom will give me Executive Planner and it comprised lots of information such as unit conversion, transit map, time zone and etc. Well some might just ignore these things but I don't and I like to look at it.

GDex 2012 theme is save the Earth if I'm not mistaken. Calender is necessary. Especially table calender because I jotted down all important dates on my table calender.

my treasure
I think without all of these things I'll be disorganized and my whole year will be in vain (okay too dramatic). I love it because all of these are gifts from my mom and I can make use of it for the whole year.
Sometimes my mom gives me too many planner, notebooks and calender. My solution = give it to my roommates & friends huhuhu..this year I haven't receives any extra planner so guys..just wait okay? I'll hand it to you when I have any extra (^-^)

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