Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My style of FYP guidelines.

Hi guys! Since I wake up quite early although I'm not really plan to do so, let me tell you guys something about Final Year Project aka FYP..maybe it could be a guidelines to those who didn't know about it or just started.

1. FYP shouldn't be taken lightly as it is totally time consuming and need a full commitment. 

2. Before doing your FYP, consult with your supervisor or co-supervisor to have a clear picture about your title. Jumping into conclusion without any consultation is a suicide.

3. Make sure that you are well aware with your research potential. Whether it could be further or have a potential to be marketed.

4. Make a list about things that you should have for your research and consult with lab assistant in-charged.

5. Booked your lab early if you are doing it in lab and need to extend it till night or in the weekends.

6. Check your apparatus and chemicals before starting any of your experiment.

7. Make sure you are using the right method or your hard work could be wasted.

8. If you don't understand any of your experiment and your supervisor & co-supervisor are not available, you could also asked help from lab assistants and post-graduates. I'm sure they will be happy to help as long you ask in the right manner but do not be too dependent as they also have their own work. Ask only after you do some research on your topic.

9. Label your apparatus and samples. 

10. Use equipment and instrument in lab wisely because there are plenty of students line up to use it too.

11. Do your FYP early is an advantage. Especially when your experiment failed and need to be repeated all over again. Mistakes always happen.

12. Lab assistants are there to help you in assisting not to be your servants so planned your work and follow the instructions such as fill in the necessary form, inform them when you need to use their equipment in lab or helps and do not aspect them to do it right away because as I mentioned above, they also have their own works to be done.

13. Do your experiment in the right manner. Make sure to clean up all of your waste. You can borrow apparatus from lab but make sure you clean it well and return it to its respective place. Form also need to to filled in.

14. ALWAYS wear your lab coat when you are inside the lab because when you are caught not wearing it by science officers or even lab assistant, you could be penalized. Plus it is for YOUR own SAFETY.

15. Do not be too arrogant or think you are in a higher rank than lab assistant because you are not.  

16. Do not change any setting of lab instrument without any consultation unless you are an expert.

17. Do not disrupt others apparatus.

18. Yes you can have fun in lab but make sure no damages are done. You can't afford to be hospitalized in these crucial period.

19. Lab instrument are expensive! Remember this statement each time you are using it unless you can compensate when it's broken.

20. Make sure your bench is clean before and after experiment. Ethanol 70% and other cleaning equipment are always available in almost all lab.

Well guys I hope this post can guide even though it is not much. So happy FYPing guys!

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