Sunday, January 8, 2012

Spring cleaning and Cheesy entry (long entry)

After Basic Environmental Law examination last Friday, I went to Pasar Malam...ok lets get straight to the point. I can't even differentiate a wrecked ship with my room/compartment after the examination so I decided to clean it up.
I started to clean at 9pm. First I analyzed my room status. Then I borrowed my neighbor's long broom. Started to move things as I need to clean my fan with that broom. All clothes are put inside my locker and I wrap my things on bed with bedspread. Started to clean up the fan, above my locker and full of dust wall. Then I swept the dust and put it into plastic bag. Only sweeping took me 1 hour and half....believe me I'm quite particular when I got a mood for cleaning. When I satisfied with mu floor condition, I move on to my study desk. Rearranged books and notes while packed some unnecessary notes into locker. Remove my printer under my bed and started wiping the table surface. Got distracted once in a while because I kept sneezing while cleaning..yeah I'm allergic to dust. Decorate a little bit then move on to my cupboard. Same like study desk, I rearrange few things and started to sort of things. Decorate it with my bunny's music globe and table clock. Langkawi's green alien and baby shoes also join them on the top shelf. Second level is a place for my photos albums, stationery's stock and tissue paper. Bunny small fairies also stored in one of the box I placed there.

Third level, foods and drinks section. Biscuits, instant mee, oat, nestum, mushroom soup, milo, Chinese Tea, Green Tea and Caramel Tea etc stored here. Hehehehehe...Forth level aka lowest level, random things such as tissue stocks, Japanese ceramic doll's shower foam container, iron and clothes pegs. Huhhuhuhu when finished with this, I moved back to study desk as I need to add something there.
I clean things on my bed and put it to its respective place. Then, I changed my bedspread and put my Doraemon's blanket into my laundry basket. I started to fold all my clothes and iron some clothes right after I finished folding. My locker is the last thing that I cleaned. Rearranged and threw unnecessary things. Finished all my cleaning process at 5.15am.
As I afraid if I took a nap I'll be missing my Fajr prayer, I stay awake and do some online activities. Thank to my friends because some of them really woke up early in the morning so I had chatted with them. The moment I heard azan, I took my toiletries and quickly moved to washroom to wash up and take ablution. Just after a moment after praying and online, I drifted into sleeping state.
The moral of the story are clean your room regularly to avoid tiredness and do not drink Vanilla Mocha if you wish to sleep early (=_=)"..okay my bad since can resists the temptation...huhu
The result of this major clean up is I got sick.....due to my dust-allergy+not enough sleep because of studying+tiredness since I didn't get enough rest after examination...I got fever+headaches+coughing+flu just for this Major Spring Cleaning ahahahah..but I'm crazily craved for cheese at that time.
Later in the evening, Aina invited me & Ain for outing. Since I craved for cheese & I need to buy things for my room, we went to Megamall. Well, there is sales in Megamall so we do some touring before eating. My, my they can even their hungry stomach when sales happened..okay normal girls...then we went to 2nd floor to look for we met our new HOD, Dr Munirah trying out the massage chair..hehehe she's so funny..we even chatted with her after met her for 2nd time...she told us that one of our friends, Putri lost her purse during our examination yesterday...hmm poor Putri :'( really hope that she get back her purse even though it is almost impossible to retrieve it back.
We settle in Pizza Hut as our stomach (mine actually) can't hold it anymore. Ordered Ultimate Cheesy 7 Bites Hawaiian Chicken Pizza's set for me & Aina and Spaghetti Bolognaise for Ain. After that, we went to Popular Bookstore to check out new books...well just take a look and evaluating. Bought things at Watson and stop for Maghrib prayer.....continue shopping till I'm bored..bought foods for roommates and at last we called it quit. Waited for Azra to fetched us in about 20 minutes and then jjjjaaaaang we're back to our lovely room.

Took an ablution and prayed. Organized things and lent some comics to Azra. Visitted my friend, Fidah and while waiting for my laundry's turn. Took care of my things and chatted with Safarina. Sorting the receipts and calculates the expenses while jotted down everything in my PA's book.
Fuhhhh tooooo loooooooong...and kinda tooooooo detailed..well this is what happened to student who took law subject in this semester just what missing here are the act and regulations applied..huhu I'm getting out of control so better stop now..huhu gudde nito me amoure...


RuBy said...

I'm now gladly to inform you, due to your impressive article and story, you are now hired..
Dont forget to come to work, tomorrow morning and started cleaning.
In case of not finding workplace, follow this instruction, from your room, turn right,straight,turn left, climb staircase, and then you will find 3.12. thank you..


Norlyana Nasrin said...

@RuBy oh I'm gladly accept your offer...but for an advance, let me quote the price. It is €10 per square. Is it okay for you? huhuhuhu

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