Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Infinite - Cover Girl MV [English subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD

Big Bang - Bad Boy MV [English subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD

Who is he?

Hi guys..okay due to food poisoning, I kinda got some spare I update my blog quite frequent huhu just bear with me okay?
Okay if you guys notice, I posted one picture showed me and one male in my Langkawi album. So let me tell you guys who is he actually.
That guy is Jerry. He's a trainee in One Hotel Helang Langkawi and he is studying in UUM. He is also from China so I communicate in English whenever I wanted to talk to him. I know him from my last visit to Langkawi (Sunday). At that time I was in weight lifting equipment place with my dad and suddenly he showed up with another staff, he talked to my dad and played with my dad I mean that weight lifting thingy. At first, I was quite shy so I left them..but later when I feel bored because my siblings still inside the pool and my mom were doing her own thing, I went back to that place and started playing together..he was so friendly so it made me easy to mingle with him. We played together and I tortured him to lift a heavy weight metal and some other strenuous exercises. He still done it even though he's not good at it and it impressed me. Hahaha kinda evil me. But later he left as he need to do his job at receptionist counter.
I only see him on the next day as trainee only work office hour if I'm not mistaken. So as the last day, I asked my sister to took our picture as for the memory. If you guys notice, he looked quite shy in that picture. I'm glad to know him during my stay in One Hotel Helang..hope to see you in future (^-^)

What happened to me?

Home!! Arrived at KL and waited for my sister in Vistana as I afraid waiting outside because lots of suspicious people in Pekeliling...then went to Low Yatt. Bought 2TB external for RM400. Visited Korean Plaza after that coz my sister got her dance lesson. At night went to Mydin bought things for Nadirah's practical in Langkawi

Fetched my grandmother and aunty as they wanted to buy groceries in NSK. Bought some groceries too.

Went to Sunway Pyramid for ice-skating with Nadirah and her friends. Had a good time as tried archery is kinda difficult in the beginning but later turned out to be okay but still fell off many times...archery..haha funny experience as I shot the arrow too high..

Woke up early and went to Langkawi. My dad drove till Kuala Kedah and we rode on ferry till Langkawi. Stayed in One Helang Hotel as my elder sister booked it. It's located nearby airport and kinda nice hotel. Went to swimming pool in the evening..well 120cm pool is not my fav..huhu

Woke up early and ate breakfast in the hotel..quite upset with the rude staff but let it slide later..all my family played in swimming pool except me and my mom..I enjoyed myself by took pictures..later accompany my dad for weight lifting..the equipment just nearby the pool..two staffs joined us later...had a good the evening, visited Coco Valley and Pantai Cenang.

Last day in Langkawi. Need to send Nadirah to Sheraton so wake up quite early...skipped breakfast and do my work as I fell asleep last night..sent Nadirah to Sheraton and rest there for awhile. Took pictures and left as we need to catch up ferry. I had a food poisoning as I ate bad food yesterday.

Pain is intensify since yesterday so went to hospital but too crowd and I don't think I can wait so I left and had a check up in Polyclinic Perdana. Well it's UIA panel clinic but only cover for staff. Feeling bad as I got 2 presentation on this day. Really frustrating...

Pain still not go away...I even can't eat chocolate...yeah so frustrated because I bought piles of chocolate but can't enjoy them..damn! Keep watching TV and do a little bit of my work..feeling frustrated as I left some of the info in my room in Kuantan...damn!!

I don't know when I'll able to go back to Kuantan but please pray for my health..I really2 appreciate it.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What? Oh it's an update..

Yeah visited Langkawi to send off my sister, Nadirah for practical purpose..she's going to be there until May 2012. Well she got good hostel to stay during her practical. I think she's going to be fine there. Oh she's doing practical in Sheraton Beach Resort Langkawi.
What making me upset is..the food..urghh I got food poisoning! It's really killing me as I got quite a sensitive stomach. Now I can't even go back to Kuantan as my body becomes weak as I keep going to bathroom. I even slept in there last night. I went to hospital but just because there are lots of people, I left and went to polyclinic. I got 2 days MC. The doctor said I got a food poisoning and fever. I also need to avoid dairy, spicy and oily foods for a while. Hmm feeling guilty as I got 2 presentation today and I can't attend it. hope my group members can understand my situation. I really2x feeling sorry and guilty.
p/s: I made a new friend, Jerry, a trainee at One Hotel Helang. He's studying at UUM. InsyaAllah will tell a detail in the next I really need a rest (=_=)"
me and Jerry