Sunday, February 12, 2012

14 February 2012

Okay it's a V-Day to those whom celebrate it...but actually it's my birthday (^-^).
It is 21 Rabiul awal 1433 which my birthday in Hijri Calender..actually it was a first time in my life wanting celebrate my birthday in Hijri Calender. It started last year when I searched on the net about my birthday in Hijri Calender..then I found the converter and wallah~~21 Rabiul awal it is!
It is just a coincidence that this year my birthday fall on V-Day..hmm I'm not celebrating it tho..I'm not gonna preach about V-Day as everybody knew that it is HARAM for us, Muslim to celebrate it right? For me love should be celebrate everyday. Okay please do not misunderstand me...I mean love can be in many form and towards everybody around us..not only applied for your boyfriend or your love towards Allah, Rasulullah SAW, your parent, friends and relatives. Show it in a right way..not too excessive tho~~
Be moderate as what been taught by Islam. Know your limit and what HARAM are always HARAM no matter how you interpret it.
Okay peace out!


Zuemiey Khairuddin said...

happy belated birthday =)

semoga sentiasa dibawah jagaan-Nya dan dilindungi sentiasa.

Norlyana Nasrin said...

@Zuemiey Khairuddin Jazakallahu khairan katsiran (^-^)

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