Tuesday, February 7, 2012

FYP in My Style: MIC

MIC = Minimum inhibitory Concentration usually done after we got a positive result from disc diffusion. It is actually to determine the sample minimal concentration needed to inhibit the visible microorganism growth. It used serial dilution technique. 96-wells plate is used for this experiment (we used U-shaped)

1. Use the same as disc diffusion's McFarland standard reading to match with bacterial broth that will be used for MIC.
2. Pipette 200 micro-lite bacterial broth into well A.
3. 10 micro-lite sample was added into the same well and mix.
4. For well B-H, 100 micro-lite empty broth was pipette into each well.
5. In well A, 100 micro-lite was taken and pipette into well B. Serial dilutions continue by pipetting 100 micro-lite from well B into C and it goes on until it reach well H. The last 100 micro-lite was discarded into waste container.
6. Incubate 18 hours for bacteria and 72 hours for fungi.


Kisah Aku... said...

untuk MIC ni kan, nasrin guna 1 bacteria utk satu microplate atau bole je 3,4 jenis bacteria dlm 1 microplate? high risk ek kalau byk bacteria dlm 1 microplate?

ermm...kte ada 1 microplate je, nak kena tambah microplate ke?

Norlyana Nasrin said...

@Kisah Aku... ok untuk yg kte mmg saje kte buat 1 bacteria je sbb buat ramai2..sebenarnye boleh je klu nk lbh dr 1 bacteria dlm 1 plate..
insyaAllah takde mslh cuma perlu hati2 time wat serial dilution 2 la sbb tkt slh well.

Kisah Aku... said...

tula..nak minta lg microplate kat kak su mcm segan2 plak, sbb dah 3 kali jumpa amek brg tapi xda sign sv pun..huhu..ingat nak guna 1 je microplate..kena hati2 la kiranya ek?huhu.thank a lot ye!=)

Norlyana Nasrin said...

@Kisah Aku... huhu kak su ok je~~ dun worry ma~~ ok je xde masalah (^-^)

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