Friday, February 17, 2012


Hi guys! Since my lecturer advised us to make some revision after class so I'm making this entry to tell you guys what I've learned from my Health Risk Assessment lecture just now.
Today we learned about Health Hazard Assessment. Okay basically it is more on identify the hazard based on toxicity of substances. And from the title you can see it actually have been narrowed down into human health prioritization..hehe bombastic...there are two types of toxicity that we've learned before which are acute and chronic. Acute toxicity is where the effect can be seen soon after the exposure while chronic is vice versa. But haven't you guys heard about subtle toxicity? Okay it is kinda alien to public but actually it is a type of toxicity that widespread but we just let it slide meaning no report is been made. As example, nausea after consuming coffee...stomach upset after eating..etc...yeah just for small cases...Identification usually done by doing tests.
Then for characterization, it is more on descriptive. Done after test, well based on my simple is just like discussion part in our lab experiment report which we discuss about the hazard, estimating the risk and provide dose-response relationship as an evidence. Well it maybe a lil bit tougher than the usual one tho..huhu
As for Epidemiology Evidence Based (EEB). Well Epidemiology...we Environmental student can never escape from it don't we? hahahaha the normal epidemiology, research done in target population to determine the distribution of hazard. The population is studied and source of hazard is identified. Can be done by interviewing the residents It's important in environmental health, public health, environmental regulation and research planning. Three parts:
1. HHC (Health Hazard Characterization). It is more into identification of environmental hazard, collection, evaluation & interpretation of available epidemiological evidence.
2. Review. Some kind of comparing with previous studies and assess with quality of available study. Include interpretation and conclusions from the epidemiological evidence.
3. HIA have you guys heard about it? It is an acronym for Health Impact Assessment. HIA is more into quantification of expected health burden due to the exposure. The component for HIA are dose-response relationship, exposure and risk characterization.
Lastly causality. Simply explained used to determine whether HIA is required or not as risk has to be strong enough if want to proceed to HIA.
Fuhhh quite simple right? As if...... (=.=)' well correct me if I'm wrong..huhu another informational based entry from me~~

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