Monday, February 6, 2012

I hates cat??

Well judging from the title itself, you guys perhaps have a lil idea about what I'm going to preach. Cat lover means human that loves cat which is totally not me...I'm not a cat lover! But I don't really hates cat~
Okay it actually started when I was quite young~~ I remember when I was a kid, I used to brought a cat home. At that time, I was mesmerized by the kitty blue eyes and white furs...however, my mom really against it and asked me to put back that kitty to where I picked it or not she said she'll throw it into the river in front of our house. So I was terrified and return that kitty to it original place. After that I never brought any cat home~
Then when I was 10, again I was attracted to a kitten that I found at the roadside. My friend taught me that if we massage a kitten chin(??), it will like it. So I tested on that kitten however, it turn out to be worst. That kitten chased me and I was terrified (again!) so after that historical day, I became Ailurophobia.
When I was in secondary school, I used to walked to the school which located 1 km away from my house. Yeah I walked with my friends, Jed and Kusaidatun plus some other friends sometimes. One morning, a lil kitten was on my way and I accidentally touched it. Guess what? And again I was chased...seems like my trauma cannot be cured for another years.....
The story between me and cat never end actually, during my matriculation's year, I came across a cat-fight (not about girl fight but a real cats fight!). At that time, I was walking with my friend, Ain (obviously a cat lover) and suddenly there are two cats are fighting....and again I was terrified and screamed out loud. There are few brothers were walking in the opposite way laughed at me. What? Do you think that's funny? I'm totally scared and almost dying (??). Yeah can you imagine if I was too scared and done something crazy like jumping off the nearby cliff (near U-cafe there is a cliff.....but with a stair of course)?
why this cat reminds me of my friend, Jed? hehehe
In main campus, IIUM Kuantan, during 2 years if I'm not mistaken, I was on my way to my room and suddenly I heard a bell rang so I glanced to the respective direction. From afar, I saw a kitten was running towards me so I screamed and quickly enter my room. It is not happened only once, the same kitten, Hurairah, keeps running towards me in almost everyday until I gave up escaping and asked Ain to helped me. After awhile, I got used to its presence and accept it. However, the only cat that I can love died during semester break (if I'm not mistaken) so again, my heart stops loving.
Now there are few cats in my hostel. I don't know whether they're owned or strayed. They keeps bugging me and I was totally annoyed with their poops of course! Making me remember the incident happened in Ain's house which I woke up early and entered the bathroom before Ain's dad cleaned the cat's poops...honestly, I'm puked and traumatic after that. However, I never being cruel to that particular animal even though how much I dislike them. I can hold a cat though but to love them I don't think I can do it.

p/s: my friends, Jed, Ain and Aina are cat lover..Jed got more than 7 cats at home when we're in secondary school..I once labelled her house as cat's zoo.

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