Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What? Oh it's an update..

Yeah visited Langkawi to send off my sister, Nadirah for practical purpose..she's going to be there until May 2012. Well she got good hostel to stay during her practical. I think she's going to be fine there. Oh she's doing practical in Sheraton Beach Resort Langkawi.
What making me upset is..the food..urghh I got food poisoning! It's really killing me as I got quite a sensitive stomach. Now I can't even go back to Kuantan as my body becomes weak as I keep going to bathroom. I even slept in there last night. I went to hospital but just because there are lots of people, I left and went to polyclinic. I got 2 days MC. The doctor said I got a food poisoning and fever. I also need to avoid dairy, spicy and oily foods for a while. Hmm feeling guilty as I got 2 presentation today and I can't attend it. hope my group members can understand my situation. I really2x feeling sorry and guilty.
p/s: I made a new friend, Jerry, a trainee at One Hotel Helang. He's studying at UUM. InsyaAllah will tell a detail in the next entry...now I really need a rest (=_=)"
me and Jerry

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