Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who is he?

Hi guys..okay due to food poisoning, I kinda got some spare I update my blog quite frequent huhu just bear with me okay?
Okay if you guys notice, I posted one picture showed me and one male in my Langkawi album. So let me tell you guys who is he actually.
That guy is Jerry. He's a trainee in One Hotel Helang Langkawi and he is studying in UUM. He is also from China so I communicate in English whenever I wanted to talk to him. I know him from my last visit to Langkawi (Sunday). At that time I was in weight lifting equipment place with my dad and suddenly he showed up with another staff, he talked to my dad and played with my dad I mean that weight lifting thingy. At first, I was quite shy so I left them..but later when I feel bored because my siblings still inside the pool and my mom were doing her own thing, I went back to that place and started playing together..he was so friendly so it made me easy to mingle with him. We played together and I tortured him to lift a heavy weight metal and some other strenuous exercises. He still done it even though he's not good at it and it impressed me. Hahaha kinda evil me. But later he left as he need to do his job at receptionist counter.
I only see him on the next day as trainee only work office hour if I'm not mistaken. So as the last day, I asked my sister to took our picture as for the memory. If you guys notice, he looked quite shy in that picture. I'm glad to know him during my stay in One Hotel Helang..hope to see you in future (^-^)

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