Saturday, March 17, 2012

Book Fair~~Masseuse?

Yeah went to book fair in Zenith Hotel today..90% discount for certain books is given so I just grab this chance & bought books that I wanted..hehe definitely covered all aspect except religious..hmm feel soooo annoyed with the failure of getting religious book..

books (messy bedroom background)

Bought it today..hopefully will be able to finished it soon..

p/s: Cik Bunga & Encik Sombong's novel is sold to Aina..huhu she wants it..

Oh about the masseuse thingy...Hmm alhamdulillah, it's a god gift that I can massage people..err kinda natural when my hand touched anybody (usually my friends + girl) I started to massage them...huhu I'm a masseuse not a molester understand? huhu..well kinda happy because can help my friends to relief their pain away..huhu

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