Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hungry mode~~

Soooo hungry but don't know what to eat as I can't eat spicy, oily and dairy foods...can anybody help me? My friend called me just now and we talked until she finished her credit huhu poor u back later as I'm also quite tight with credit now..
Oh today is 1's my friend's, Rizqan birthday. Wished him last night by sent him my own version of happy birthday by using keyboard..yup record it and sent it to him..I know it's not really good but you know it's sincerely from me to him huhu cheesy line..ok stop!
this is for u Rizqan!!
 Feeling quite better today..alhamdulillah..but still need to becareful as my stomach acting like time bomb..will explode whenever it feel like it..
Ok just hope that my condition will be better by next week or I'll be doomed forever and ever and ever..ok exaggerating alert!!

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