Saturday, March 10, 2012

Malacca - Day 1

Tired. Yeah too tired. But it's worth it has been quite a long time for me and my roommies spending our time together and do something memorial just like this. Yeah we've been busy and ain with our FYP while mas and saf with their teaching practical.
Boarded on bus at 2.50pm...yeah late for almost half and hour but still the drivers are being rude with other passengers..urghh going to boycott this bus! Well I got a pilot seat! hehe just add a steering then wallah~~haha I.M.A.G.I.N.A.T.I.O.N. is important tho..

Arrived at Malacca at about 7.50pm but it kinda took time to reach Melaka Sentral..after that, we took taxi to Harbour Inn which located in front of Malacca Island..hmm kinda made a wrong decision since this area full with club and their service not a praise!! it's kinda far from city..aiyo!!
After settle in out hotel, we went out looked out for dinner...we're starving!! Walked for about 30 minutes before reached Newtown food court nearby Mahkota Parade..then we proceed to night market just beside it..just window shopping..

Continue our journey while taking pictures know it's our hobby~~walk...walk...and walk..until we reached Jonker Street aka China know what.. I love the dragon in front of Jonker Street! Huhu..window shopping again and just buy whatever necessary..then again we walked back to night market near Newtown food court..after that we walked back to Harbour Inn..huhu my feet is killing me you know? However, I'm having a good time so it's okay tho..huhu
Okay gotta sleep..bye yeom!

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