Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Malacca : Day 2 & 3

I'm watching The Big Bang Theory now and kinda hooked up with it. Okay about my trip to Malacca..yeah it's great trip with my roommates but kinda slacked off because of my personal problems huhuhu gonna catch my breath tho..ahahaha..ok let me summarize it..

Day 2:
Woke up kinda early because we wanted to visit Crocodile Farm and Malacca Zoo..so we rode on Panorama Bus till Malacca Central (MC) then we took a domestic bus to  Ayer Keroh huhu sounds easy but actually I asked lots of peoples tho..huhu thanks to my friendly nature personality hahahha..okay before that we managed to eat at Muslim-Chinese restaurant and guess what? It's awesome! The food is what I meant...and the price is quite okay (^-^) InsyaAllah will visit again when I come to Malacca again...huhu..
Okay with the help of the bus-driver, we reached in Crocodile Farm without any unfortunate events..except for the 'taking-a-wrong-bus" event and thankfully the conductor told us that we're in the wrong bus and so we took off from that bus with embarrassment of course hehehe..

Okay back to Crocodile Farm story...yeah I've been there before..err 12 years ago I mean...at that time I was too excited and had so much fun with my friends...err actually only two or three significant friends...others just filled in the picture..so for this time, I went with my precious roommates which definitely the feeling is totally different and you know what? I'm excited man!

So we just touring around the crocodile farm while trying all things that we can do in that particular farm..huhu we rode on Monster Train (too childish) and entered Haunted House..okay about the Haunted House...kyahahahahhaha I can't stop myself from laughing whenever I remembered the events inside that building hehehhe...okay, so they want to enter it even though I'm kinda remind them twice..we entered that Haunted House...yeah I took the lead..while Ain clinging at me...well we've been friend since last 5-6 years but this is the first time she's been so closed to me ahahahhahaha~~okay mas & saf followed us at the back..okay honestly, there situation I faced on that day is almost the same as last 12 year...I entered that Haunted House in year 2000 and I sensed that almost nothing changed so I'm quite prepared...so I just keep my cool and lead them out from that building..okay there is a moment when mas & saf were held back by the 'ghost' inside that Haunted House and when I realized it...I waited for them and I can see they're ran as fast as they can towards us...okay this is when I can held back my laughter which I think it is not appropriate to laughed at that time..but now...hehhehehe I'm typing while grinning like crazy duh..ahahha..
Actually I had a memory inside that Haunted House when I was 12...I was too scared until I hug or strangled the person-in-front-of-me's neck the I found out that actually that person is my crush..hahaha poor him..then I kinda stuck with him during the visit...

After Haunted House, we stop for praying and then we went to Malacca Zoo which located in front of Crocodile Farm..but before that, we managed to do some shopping..hmm came to realized that I bought things that my siblings and parents like but not me....hmm whatever..

At the zoo, we rode on the tram around the zoo and after that we went for a walk to places that can't be entered by tram..unfortunately, suddenly it was a rain downpouring from the sky..huhu classic..so we made a stop infront of cheetah and black panther's cage while enjoying the rain..after a while, rain getting heavier and so the zoo ranger rescue us huhu..we kinda tired so we went into Zoology Gallery and took our rest inside while taking a lot of pictures~~after that we retreat..

There is some event while waiting for a bus back to town...it was quite late and 1 taxi stopped in front of us and offer to send us back to the town with only rm20 but we politely reject his offer..he kept insisting that there's no bus available..err god-will, suddenly there's a bus stop in front of us and the driver invited us to hop on..well kinda feeling sorry towards that taxi driver so we said sorry to him and rode on that bus back to MC..huhu we safe rm10 as bus fare cost only half of the taxi's...

Later at night, we went to Dataran Pahlawan, well just to have a dinner and after that, we walked around Pahlawan walk and nearby Taming Sari Tower..huhu kinda crowded because its Saturday + School holiday..after a while, we went back to our hotel.

Day 3:

Woke up early again..yeah we need to cached up 9.30am bus since that's the only ticket available unless we want to wait until 9pm and arrive at Kuantan at what? 2/3 am? Pfft..so we just checked out at 8am and waited for bus to MC..ate breakfast there and rode on a bus which 20 minutes late than schedule....Saf stop at her house, Bandar Tun Razak while 3 of us went back to Kuantan..Apin fetched us in front of Safwa and we kinda flatten ourselves on our bed as soon as we arrived in our room..huhu..

I guess that's all..hope you guys satisfied with my bad summary of events..hahah ok gotta go! bye yeom!

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