Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ohaiyogozaimasu minna san!

Kiowa atashi hontoni hayai desu ne? Fufufu Japanese Mode activated! Haha must be because of Japanese drama that I just watched last night, Rebound.
Okay actually I'm kinda faced a lot of crisis lately which involving my family and peoples around me, but you know, I managed to hide it behind my poker face and acted like nothing's wrong. However, how long I'm gonna keep this feeling? When will be my 'burst off' date? Still can't answer it for now but I've been considering to get a help from professional tho..
Remember my 'long vacation'? At that time honestly I almost can't control myself...yeah I had this emotional breakdown several times and my younger siblings witnessed it...arghh shouldn't let them see my weak side...the thing is..there is a time I had it while we was in Sunway Pyramid, in midst of buying white formal shirt for my younger sister. Yeah I'm almost crying but my lil sis, Nadirah scolded me because for her it is too humiliating....huhu sorry2..just can't help it..
I admit that somehow I just let others influenced my emotion..toying it as they pleased..hurting me but saying that I'm the one whom hurting them...yeah guess only you have a feeling~~ sarcastic mode activated! *Sigh... being pessimist is not my style tho..arghh just a few months more and I'll be able to break free I think..yeah? Haha better do not expect anything in this cruel world...okay stop!
Need to light up my mood a lil bit..oh okay tomorrow I'm going to Malacca with my roommates!! Yeah!! Well it's actually planned long time ago but only now we are able to do it huhu..well..this is going to be our last trip together...arghhh gonna miss you guys..
Okay I think that's all for now..will update soon.. (^-^)

p/s: just hope I can get through this..pray for me..

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