Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pictures Come With Stories

Korean snacks bought at JJ Kimbab. Yellow - Baby snack, Pink - 'Kan Jyo' & Green - 'Sshi ri ol' aka Cereal. Now whenever I visit JJ Kimbab, the manager will recognize me on the spot huhu~~got free desert~~bananana~~

Girl keychain bought from a deaf and mute girl in Megamall. It's a beautiful keychain right?

Seafood Fried Rice from JJ Kimbab..it's included in lunch set where u can have it with Peach tea..totally awesome! 

This salamander cross road without any fear~~hehe but when I shouted 'Hoi Encik Biawak!' this salamander was shocked & ran away~~hehehehe

The latest Islamic book that I bought..interesting title but really need time to read this because I can be totally absorbed with book meaning will neglect other things..

Chocolate Affair from Red Flora Cafe...delicious!!! u ca see Rubiah with her innocent peace there huhu~~ the cafe's manager is nice too (^-^)

Rubiah + sleepy eyes + her spaghetti bolognese~~

Spaghetti Carbonara with grilled chicken breast...huhu yummy~~

my food~~ totally full~~huhuu my diet goes to the drain~~

Group 3 & 4 presentation day~~ kinda shocked because we got emergency class in the very last minutes huhu...but still I took my own sweet time~~unfortunately, at class, we waited for almost an hour since we got problem with the equipment~~bananana~~

uncertified technician for that day~~ Dr Suzana looks worry~~

Group 4 presentation~~ Zu, Adib & Meng are their panelists~~

Again Rubiah with her sleepy eyes..Dilla control~~hehe

Diligent Su~~

Naked face~~huhu excited because at this time I'm inside Rubiah's car~~ we're going home!!!


The glamorous driver~~~

good day milk + dutch lady choco milk + whipped cream + milo~~again my diet goes straight to the drain~~~

cuttlefish with carrot~~~ yummy~~

Unagi onigiri!!!! Hontoni oishi-desu!!!!!

Fettuccine Carbonara~~~ arghh starts drooling~~~again and again~~~bananana~~ 

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