Sunday, March 18, 2012

That girl

That girl used to be happy with her life..
She's happy even though she got no friend to play with
She's still happy when nobody want to entertain her
because she got her siblings behind her.

That girl used to be avoided by her classmate
She's different from them
She's not belong in any group
but she's living her life to the fullest.

That girl used to be alone
exploring the forest in front of her house without any fear
fell off but got back on her feet without any help
she's strong enough to be on her own.

That girl used to be a black sheep
betrayed by her friend and made her traumatic with thing called friendship
thing that too expensive to her and she can't afford it
but at the end of the day that thing is not as precious as her family.

That girl used to be gloomy
dark shadow surrounded her
her heart is frozen
but beating only for her precious family.

That girl is the girl that I missed most
That girl is the girl that I wanted to be now
That girl is the long lost memory
of now seen bubbly girl but with shattered piece of heart.


RuBy said...

'that girl' kalau tekanan2 nak ajak kuar release tension roger2 empunya WLB 8244.. kalau takde halangan dugaan insyaallah boleh dibawak kemana saje..

sila jangan sedih! nanti jumaat/sabtu kita pulang!

Norlyana Nasrin said...

@RuBy thanks Rubiah~~

huhu tadi br je kuar dgn Azra tgk Bunohan & lunch kat JJ Kimbab huhuhu auntie 2 siap bg limau free lg kt ktrg..

ye aku dah x sbr nak blk & releasekan tension kat rumah huhu..

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