Saturday, April 21, 2012


Been watching anime for whole day huhu kinda attached to it for now. Today achievement, Deadman Wonderland and Beelzebub ngehehe~~love it to the core~~
Since I'm an otaku..and kinda hardcore..watching anime is my therapy~
For Deadman Wonderland, Senji Kiyomasa caught my attention with his fighting techniques huhuhu (^-^)
not to mention his enthusiasm towards power almost as my favorite Bleach character, Zaraki Kenpachi. anime lover, this is must watch anime..huhu Oga and Baby Beel are perfect combination~~hehehehe love it...pervert Furuichi and Alaindelon not to forget Hilda, Aoi and Kanzaki, made this anime too interesting to resist~fufufuufufufufufu
oh if you're not an otaku maybe you'll never understand what I've been spouting huhu...

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