Friday, April 27, 2012

At H.O.M.E.

Alhamdulillah I'm safely arrived and now taking my own sweet time with my home internet~~yeay!!! I went back with Alia and Su this morning..well we begin our journey at 10.15am and arrived at Gombak around 12.45pm. 
Kinda feel lil bit drowsy as I don't get enough sleep from last night...yeah credit to my 1st draft~~huhuhu I sent chapter 1-3 to Dr Taher but I promised him that I'll send him the rest later..sorry Dr Taher~~it might be imperfect but that's the best that I can do~~mianhae~~
saf,me and mas
Okay actually I feel sad as when I return to Kuantan, I'll never get to see my roommates, Saf and Mas as they both finished their practical today at SMK Panglima Perang...arghhh I'm gonna miss them (TT^TT). We went through lots of things together and I hope our friendship will be last forever...feeling like crying but need to be strong..oh I hugged my bestie Khadijah to release my emotional tension after sending my draft this morning..thanks Djah, I really need it..
To Saf and Mas...we've been together for 4 years and I hope it doesn't stop till here..I don't know how to express my feeling towards you guys but honestly I really love being friend to both of you. If I've done anything that hurt you guys, please forgive me. Remember I will always waiting for our reunion..remeber my plan? Ain drive from Kemaman to Keratong to fetch Saf and then they'll come to KL for me, lastly we'll head to Penang to see Mas~~huhu insyaAllah we'll try our best to make that plan to happen..(^-^)

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