Monday, April 16, 2012

At Lab (^-^)

Youcam pic..taken in hemato lab..err too up-close~
Yeah I'm in lab~~just accompany my friend, Azra doing her FYP as mine...err you know it kinda complete~~but don't even mention about thesis writing! Still I don't have any motivation to starts writing my thesis..haih don't know why..
Today I transfered my sample into Falcon tubes and gave it to Dr Taher..huhu my Sapium baccatum~~so long buddy..I'm going back this week I think..yeah there's career fair in IIUM Gombak. Now it's time to be more aggressive in job hunting as I will be released into the 'wild' in few months time. Sounds funny right? That's my lecturer's line. So I've planned already things that I wanted to do when I'm working and so forth..insyaAllah now just pray that it can be fulfilled.
Lately I've been in stressed mode kinda too frequent till my head almost explode (okay too drama queen) so to release my tension, I drew a lot of pictures..okay mostly house, bedrooms and landscapes..okay I'm drawing my dream house! Kinda extravagant but well that's my dream house so what? I should be in architectural field I think hahahahaha just kidding I'm not that talented~~
Wanna see my drawing? hahaha not showing! It's kinda confidential and I don't want others stealing my ideas hehehehe~~and yet I want to find someone who have a same dream house like me kyahahaha~~okay stupid flirty mode strikes!....last in about 30 sec..
Now in lab~~so quite and peaceful as only both of us inside this lab..Azra busy with her work~~me? Just sitting here and waiting if she needs any help from me~Hematology Laboratory~~well there're plenty of funny things happened in this lab during my hematology class few years ago~I remembered how much I despise counting RBC, WBC manually and till today I still hates it...well we got machine to do that for us right? (slightly arrogant here..silly). I'm not specialized in cell counting~~huhuuhu
Okay need to stop as I don't know what to jabber more~~hewhehehew will update later insyaAllah

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