Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Can't sleep entry..

Just because I dozed off after Maghrib and woke up at 11pm, I can't sleep till now I took this opportunity to watch videos (as internet connection kinda fast right now) that I don't have any chance to watch before. Yeah that's a great feeling~
 Suddenly my friend's words pops up in my mind.. "If you love somebody it's okay but don't be too obsessed with it" "Don't trust people 100% because we never knew when they'll betray us" and many more..such a good friend don't you think? InsyaAllah I remember it till the end of my day.
Something happened to me..seems like my brain is getting old or don't want to work more..I can't solve an easy Sudoku!! Arghhh too frustrating!! So AGAIN, I released my tension by drawing but..nothing good comes out..hmm need a rest maybe but..nevermind just need to bear for few months more insyaAllah.
Now time to braced up and be positive! Yeah!!

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