Monday, April 2, 2012

Delayed and some of train stories plus mine

Well still in my home~ Supposed to be in Kuantan right now studying for exams or doing my FYP thesis...arghh don't care anymore..
Well the reason behind this is...I can't get a ticket to Kuantan last evening...IT'S SOLD OUT DUDE!
Nearly cursed but still have my manner tho..okay about manner, I yelled to girls/women that tried to entered Ladies coach (definitely a train) last Friday evening since they don't know how to wait for others to get the hell out from that train and tried to barged in. You know sometimes I just don't know how to control my temper when facing those ill-mannered the only solution that I can figured out at that moment is just yelled at them and wallah..they stopped themselves from barging great is that?
Yeah no matter how much I hate public transport, I still used it whenever I'm going to Mid Valley since it's the cheapest way to get there plus my only willing driver aka younger sister (no 3), Nadirah now doing her practical in Langkawi...hundreds miles away~~~swosh~~missed her so always called her and got yelled...poor me...
Oh that particular thingy happened when I went MV for Career Fair..Oh yeah while inside the train I met 1 girl who looks like my younger sister (no 4), I greeted her and told her that she looks like my younger sister and we started talking..hehehe actually thanks to my friendly nature so I won't really got bored during my journey to anywhere heheheh...that girl's name is Siti Zainab and she studying in Rembau..what made me interested to talk to her is she's taking science stream so..hehe I'm her senior tho..I gave her some advises and wish for her luck..I talked to her till we reached at her destination, when she wanted to get off from the train, she's politely shocked my hands and kiss it (err weird sentences)..she's such a good manners girl, definitely hard to find these days..
Okay last evening after I didn't get those tix~~me & my family headed to Tesco since my dad don't want to bring me to Jusco..huhuhu whatever ended with '' can satisfy me he thinks hahaha...okay just had my silly time with Lisa (the youngest one) & Wani plus my parent..hehe you never knew what 'fun' we can get whenever we visiting mall if you are too 'skema' hehehe..bought cool blog for me and my sisters~trolling inside Tesco~~ate cheap bun~~hehehe well the best part is trolling of course!
After that, we went back home (yeah what's better than home?) so I just got changed and watched The A team on HBO with my dad hehehe such a great movie tho..later after the movie, I played my keyboard..well I just loves my keyboard! Made my own version of Swan Lake using Choir Organ tuned and sent it to my bestie, Fidah (^-^) Glad that she said she loved it heeehhehehee...
Okay that's all folks! Gotta go now..bubbye (^-^)

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