Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kerja giler

Aku baru je buat keje giler yang btol2 xleh blah...mesti korang curious kan? Okay not really crazy but well..I booked a hotel as I'm planning to visit my younger sister at Langkawi..yeah quite worry about her. At first I thought I just need to go there and stay at her hostel but later she said it's impossible as she might get trouble if we get caught by the management..haih so coward~~
So I booked a hotel in Pantai Cenang and I invited my elder sister to join me..yeah at least I'm not alone even though I planned to go there alone but later when thinking about the consequences, I asked my elder sister to accompany me..well at least we can share the hotel money~
However, don't get too excited my dear friend as this is just a plan and I can cancel my booking at any time before 13th May~~so wish me good luck~

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