Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Not going home~

After analyzing and reasoning, I made a decision...yeah as stated at the title itself..that I'm not going home this week. Solely just because of career fair in IIUM Gombak, I've decided to go home but later when my friend informed me that there're more into engineering and marketing type of booth that being opened so I decided to cancel off my 'go home' plan + I got a bit problem which immediately made me feel disheartened to go home this week. However, insyaAllah I'm going back next week as I got a job interview in PJ..please pray for me okay?
So this weekend, me and my group-mates are going to conduct TLC experiment insyaAllah..well some sort of addition to our FYP work huhuhu~~thought we completed already but somehow we're not..
Okay that's all folks! will update whenever I'm feeling like updating~~hehee
It also applys to every day except weekends!

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