Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why so negative?

I don't know why some people keep looking at others mistakes rather than their achievement..why? is it make you feel better? don't you have something else to do other than think negative about others and making rumors? Seems like you don't..well I'm kinda pissed off by this type of people actually..can them just being nice and stop doing thing that might hurt others?
Judgmental might be the most suitable word to describe this type of people. Who are you to judge others? Well unless they're asking for it..for me being judgmental doesn't even make you the better person than the person that being judged..yeah maybe you judge them because of their obvious flaw but do you, yourselves perfect? Nobody's perfect so why bother? If you think that it is necessary to correct their wrong so just tell them straight but in a good manner of course..we're educated enough to gives out advise without hurting others..just put yourselves in their shoes, what type of advise that you can accept? Of course the one that won't hurt your pride and your feeling right? So please be more thoughtful when giving out an advise because not everybody can accept an advise easily and if you're really sincere for sure they can feel your sincerity~~
Other than that, try to be positive..look at the good side rather than bad side because we never knew that person might be someone that important to you in future.

p/s: this is also as a reminder to myself..well sometimes we can't help ourselves from being judgmental when we heard to many rumors about others right? well this is kinda friendly reminder for me and you..hope you guys enjoy reading it~~

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