Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm home~

Lalalala~ feeling happy since I'm home huhu~thanks to Rubiah~ngehehehe..ok arrived in Gombak at 4.30pm and Rubiah drops me and Su at 7E at SHELL in Gombak area~my dad came few minutes after that..
At home, I rested for awhile and starts cooking huhu~I cooked with my dad today (^-^) kinda happy because haven't do it for weeks and well I'm missed it~
After cooking, I played my mom was quite surprised because she didn't expect me to come home this week~huhu I'm home mom~
I haven't sleep from yesterday (only managed to took 1 hour nap this afternoon before Zohor)..hoho my brain can't function well and I think I should sleep huhu..gudde nito~

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