Monday, May 7, 2012


What is LOVE? Some said it just a feeling generated by hormone, some said it is just an illusion and some said it is a true feeling that just happen without we realize it. Honestly, tell me which one is the correct answer?
I've done some observation about love that occurs around me. There are teenager puppy love, stupid love, unnecessary love but the one that I like most is serious mature love. Let me elaborate~

Teenager puppy love..urghh I'm getting sick of it especially when seeing those "Love u honey~ don't u get it I LOVE YOU~ Call me coz I missed u" status post on Facebook. Those "lovely" and silly post made by teenagers that didn't even mature yet. Still in secondary school but made a statement like they cannot live without their loved one..honey don't be too silly coz you're making me wanted too puke~ This is serious matter for me because these teenagers are easy to deviated from the right track and I afraid they might end up commit suicide when they're dumped by their "loved" ones..or doing something that affects their future when their too depressed due to dumping thingy~

Stupid love..this one also made me headaches..I kept thinking how come these people (around my age) become so stupid because of love? The thing is, they're feeling like loser when they don't have any girlfriend or boyfriend and they got one, they're showing off their relationship progress on social network service (SNS). Hello? Who asking you to report everything on FB, Twitter,G+ & Myspace (huh?)?? The worst is, when they got into a fight still showing the intensity of their fight on SNS..oh then made-up n SNS too? Oh why should I tolerate with this kind of thing?? So what I'm doing is I hide those stupid couple status from my FB's wall..yay for me~

Unnecessary love..haha tell me more about it~ Merely about people who has a crush on someone then keep revealing their feeling making people around them cringed till wanted to ship them to Africa...well if you love someone and you wanted to let it out so badly..I guess it's okay to tell your friends but make sure it's not too much..well I guess they're tired with your "affectionate crushing"...worst is when these people keep posting "Oh I saw him/her crossed the road, wah he/she is so beautiful" "Oh I he/she smile at me today, made my day" "Oh he/she eating at XX, owh so cute" "Did you guys notice he/she got mole at his/her cheek?" on SNS...yeah I might had a crush before but honestly, guys don't be too fond of this feeling because as time goes by and your crush didn't response to your antic, you'll forget about these silly feeling and you move on to another target hahaha..and same things go all over again which made you looked and acted like a dumb person...almost the same as stalker~

Serious mature love...woah how I wish I can have one hahaha..okay this is more of love that they wanted to start or end up with commitment. Marriage of course! Some said if you love that person it' not necessarily end up with it end up with what? The person who gives out this quote surely don't want to have any commitment or maybe just wanted to have a free-style relationship...which is too Western style...serious mean you're really into this person and wanted to make that person as yours in a legal way..not by abducting that person..however make sure that the person you love share the same feeling as yours before starting up a serious relationship..ask for her hand and getting married might sound simple and cliche' but when a relationship starts with a commitment and in a right way, insyaAllah it will end up well..just pray for it..

I'm might be not a good person to give out advises on LOVE but as I like to think in rational way and I got some idea, I pour it all in my blog writing..all of these are from my own observation and thinking..I might be wrong but honestly I write up this post with a good intention..especially about teenage puppy love. I don't like it when seeing young generation too fond about love even though they didn't even understand what love really means..making a wrong decision when comes to love relationship that they don't even know how long will it last? They keep falling into trap when somebody confessed to them and made them confused with their purpose of live. Is it just for love?

Dear my beloved young generation, love is not the only thing that exist on this Earth..there are so many things that you should know and explore rather than wasting time on your puppy love. REMEMBER your own responsibility to religious, parent and your siblings before committing anything that might affects your life later. There is no turning back when you decides on something like proving your love to your loved one by sex. Once you lose your virginity, you're also losing your pride, family trust and yourself. So think before doing anything that you might regret later. Love can also be love for your family and friends not only for those puppy love~

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